20 spaceships that sorta look like some sort of produce

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  1. My fav two are vs. Thesaurus and vs. Iron Solomon. His closer in the Thesaurus battle is hilarious… the Iron Solomon is a classic and there’s a respect between them it’s a great battle to watch

  2. That thing sounds like the Model T that Mr Burns pulled up to the gas station with

  3. He should have a shellfish mascot Owen Shroyster

  4. The cross eyed chick everyone in the shop has fucked. I know the type lol

  5. Of course you do, you’re the only guy in the shop they won’t fuck haha

  6. YO MOMS PUSSY GOT THE STEVEN SEGAL FACE (my favourite Uno Lavoz opener)

  7. Haha Gilbert and Beans have the same look on their face

  8. A Perino chad I see, personally I prefer Low Weight but Defensive is cool too.

  9. It’s my new standard! I used the Huot low weight for the longest time, just cause it’s so accurate, but I’m loving the Perino. Especially the reload mechanic, you mow a few people down, toss in a couple strips of ammo, shoot some more.

  10. Holy fack this game looks good! Going to have to try the 10 hour trial tonight.

  11. Is that the music from All quiet on the western front?

  12. You’ve obviously never met a Leafs fan. They willingly accept sadness and disappointment every year.

  13. “Patriotism runs in our family!” “Nothing runs in your family.”

  14. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen my girl without her tongue sticking out haha

  15. Missing context most likely? Did he say he was joking straight after ? Was this a part of the episode that was meant to be comedic or something?

  16. Yeah bro you got me I edited out the context that makes it okay to say “we have to stop dissing the Nazis” Jesus Christ I can’t believe some of the comments here. No wonder these guys have a fan base

  17. You need more context than “we gotta stop dissing the Nazis all the time”? Jesus dude haha

  18. These are amazing!!! Great job thanks for sharing

  19. I had a time in my life where I faced hardship, and one quote really helped me… “your perspective determines your reality.” Positive mindset and being focused on achieving your goal is more important than anything. Try and remain optimistic as much as you can. If you think negative, your outcome will be negative. Also the cliché eat good food, exercise, drink lots of water and get a good nights sleep! Take care of yourself

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