1. The mag being just pure energy seems kinda out of place.

  2. They look great but would lucent hive weapons need to be purified? They are already light right?

  3. Afaik, any Lucent Brood Hive not rez’d by Ghost’s still have Worms and use Darkness

  4. Every playlist should have the Gambit treatment. Shaders are tossed in as random drops

  5. You’re right about everything but on thing op

  6. It’d make more sense if his hat was blue with all the laundering he’s been doing

  7. That warlock’s are forced into it for raids

  8. On the bright side, I will always be useful to the fireteam no matter what

  9. You can do that on Titan and Hunter too, with more options Warlocks got cucked overall with Light 3.0

  10. I’d do many a thing for that Sword

  11. Stasis overshields are stronger with more hp at max. Plus they have a better DR.

  12. Oh I beg to differ. Use this to find out. If yoy give yourself void overshields first then top it off with stasis crystals, the shield is absolute garbage compared to a full stasis shield. Void shields grant 40hp, stasis is at a whopping 100hp. You might be right about stasis not giving DR though.

  13. Ohhhh yeah afaik void overshields give less health but give dr

  14. Undying was carried by an expansion, same with Hunt but hunt itself was alright

  15. all the people saying "season of the plunder was the worst content in all of destiny 2" because they're in a bit of a content drought weren't around for Curse of Osiris, and it shows.

  16. State of the game was really bad, but it also had like 2.5x content of a current d2 season

  17. Borderless Windowed is the way

  18. Why I use the keys rather than clicking

  19. Idk but they drop from crucible so do elimination since it’s the fastest I got like 5 in 7 or 9 matches

  20. I think I got one from a heroic patrol once

  21. Is it just me or do warlocks have the better names. (I'm not biased I promise.)

  22. They roll off the tongue better that’s for sure. But I’ve been a fan of Hunter’s more so far

  23. Wow these look really good

  24. If you don’t want the potential of them disappearing. Pull some exotic armor from collections that you hate and masterwork them.

  25. I also hate how banner shield can’t block damage infinitely anymore. Imagine doing dps and the shield breaks halfway because the boss hit you too hard. (Unless I missed a patch)

  26. The shield lasts as long as the super tho

  27. I want something other than Well to be good on Dawnblade.

  28. Go to Devrim in the EDZ to pick up an exotic quest

  29. I’ve already got risk runner though that’s the whole point of risk/reward to get an exotic and I’ve already masterworked said exotic

  30. Only reason why I use it is because it’s not Heat Rises

  31. I just want Dawnblade to have some semblance of coherence it used to

  32. Hoping it’s Mars; would be nice to have that back as a patrol, even if small at first

  33. All it needs is whirlwind blade to be top tier. Though incandescent would be super fun on a spinny sword

  34. Imagine a solar perk that adds stacks of Scorch on hit (like cold steel with slow)

  35. And while they’re at it, they should make the Warlock sword actually good this time around

  36. Yes, this does work. However, it's irrelevant for most players because, whether you turn in bounties now or later, you always get the xp in the end. There isn't some kind of "bonus" or extra from doing this.

  37. It also levels the season pass too

  38. Hopefully we’ll get some news tomorrow. If not then it’d be friday or monday again after that.

  39. They need to add back the ability to consume your grenade to turn your grenade into a healing grenade. That way we run empowering rift with Starfire and still have a way to heal and have grenades that deal great damage. It was literally the "Identity of the Solar Warlock" but Bungie decides hey lets give everyone healing nades oh and ionic traces too, another thing that was part of the Arc Warlock Identity.

  40. God yes, It'd be incredible if they'd just add a way to choose between two grenade charges, or just make charging your grenade give you the airborne buff and convert it into a healing grenade

  41. Heat Rises should be a Charged melee ability, or a Slide Melee if the first ain’t possible (maybe also it throwing you up into the air for the slide one)

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