1. My buddy just did 2 little autos that he fucked up and stunted so I can’t tell if the light was sufficient. He’s giving it to me when he’s done. The TS-600. How is it working on your 2 plants ? Is it enough ? The buds hard and are the nodes stacked well under such a weak light ?

  2. I wish I had been more careful and vegged my second photoperiod plant for a week or two less, one plant got huge and took up most of the space. I think it's more of a space issue than the light, it seems to cover both of them fine.

  3. I’m on my first grow too. It’s outside. I have 7 4-5-6 ft plants. They’ll be done in a couple weeks. I’m coming inside as soon as I’m done. I think I’m just gonna get one of the best lights from Horticulture Lighting Group. The fucking Blackbird. It’s a very good light. I don’t have a bigger 5x5 and don’t need any of the 1000W lights

  4. Hey man thanks for the reply. Yeah I think I'm leaning that way too. Cut out the calmag as I thought the canna Coco A and B with tap water would have enough in, but maybe not

  5. I believe in coco you need Cal Mag every time. I have 7 4-6 ft tall plants I’m about to harvest and I used 1 teaspoon per gal of cal mag every time I fed. Never ever had a issue. I use tap water as well. It def never hurt my plants

  6. I was gonna say this looks like white truffle. It’s technically Gorilla Butter F2 by freshcoastseed “white truffle” beleaf’s selection clone

  7. That’s basically Beleafs whole business. His company Description says he’s a Pheno hunter. Either the strains are incredible crosses of the crazy phenos he finds. Or it’s just the pheno. He got some of the best looking shit out right now. Him and Exotic Mike

  8. Yeah that’s pretty much all breeders whole businesses haha. Start with finding killer phenos and then creating your own killer phenos from what you’ve selected and collected. But yeah there’s lotta people doing excellent work there’s just 100x more doing garbage work flooding it just like most dispos anymore

  9. I fuck with Exotic Genetics. Everything he puts out is gas

  10. Weed festival just made my potential move to Michigan official. Please tell me the best ones.

  11. Vehicle city social club. Get a med card. It’s in flint

  12. I have another plant that is looking nice! Probably a week or so away from chopping.

  13. Congratulations 🎉🎈! I have 7 I’m about to harvest on my first grow ever. 1-2 are about a week away. The others a week after.

  14. I'm in the same boat too, wondering when to harvest. Is there a better sub to ask this question with photos?

  15. just lost my first ever plant that way - truly brutal i didn’t notice them until a couple days to harvest

  16. I’m on my first grow and a couple weeks away from harvest. I caught the caterpillars early cause I seen everyone on here talking about them. Get some Monterey BT and spay every 4-5 days or after a rain up until 10-14 days before harvest. Just don’t think you need to quit spraying cause they are gone. Cause they def def 100% come back. I have to comb over every plant and every bud site constantly looking for buds starting to rot. I’ve only lost very minimal shit so far. Watch out for hemp borers as well. They are worse.

  17. oh yeah i got some BT, not monterey but i can’t imagine that the specific brand matters too much? i’m picking off eggs as i see them and spraying BT twice a week

  18. This fucking place is awesome ! I’ll never go to a dispo again !

  19. That is a cannagar mold kit by Purple Rose Supply! Very simple to use, Put a skewer stick in the case l, close it up and pack it full of weed! Holds between 1-2gs, Easily one of the best products I’ve gotten in a long time, this thang makes 1gram last as long as 3grams, that’s there motto! A 1.5g one was burning for 38 minutes! Airflow is unmatched

  20. Don’t go to any dispos. If you have a med card, go to the Vehicle City Social club. It’s a private caregivers farmers market. Always like 20-30 Caregivers posted up in there. It’s in Flint. You can look, taste, smell, smoke all the shit before you try it. Haggle deals. I’ll never set foot in a dispo again after going there

  21. I can’t believe you say some wrong shit with such conviction. They do that over on

  22. 🎊 Congratulations 🎊 you have been an outstanding helper in grow buddy. You have been awarded the Flair "outstanding helper"! Keep it up and thanks for being a great member of

  23. Keep up the great work running the sub and the discord bro !

  24. Wrong person then. But you still do a great job with this sub

  25. Nah don’t your plant needs them to grow. I never understand why people feel the need to cut leaves off.

  26. Because they see and read people lollipopping or doing a heavy defoliation before flower and think it needs done at 4 weeks old

  27. First pic, 888 Cannabis Co. Purple Hash Bar. Second pic, Strane Biscotti Gelato. Just a heads up and a confirmation. People always talk about going to New York and stocking up cause they hate the program. Dont bother. The grass IS greener over here in PA.

  28. That’s why I go see the caregivers in Michigan. Just as good weed for a fraction of the price. I can get ounces of bho sugar that’s just as good as the dispos here for 200 a OUNCE !

  29. The one you linked has something to do with ILGM. So I wouldn’t even consider getting it as a gift for someone

  30. OP is using northern lights auto seeds. I'm sure it's no better. those are seeds nobody pays for irl, they're just cheapo freebie seeds.

  31. The most common fucking seeds. Then make them autos that some super super new grower is going to stress some how and ruin the plant. Def should have autos

  32. I want to get thicker nugs on a more even canopy next grow. I got a small tent so I can’t flower my plants too huge, so I’m also learning LST techniques. Next I want to learn about supersoils and making my own

  33. Check out Mainlining by Nugbuckets. It’s the exact thing you just described. All colas are the same and the canopy is uniform

  34. I’m using Dr Zymes and then 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar and 1 gal water. It makes the ph too high on the leaves for the mildew to grow

  35. All dispo weed would be so much better if it had all the trich heads. When you zoom in you can see most are not intact. Literally most of not all dispo weed is like that. It’s from the whole commercial process beating it to death

  36. This is actually my first time buying the flower by them I've had sugar and the carts before but this strain is pretty good imo

  37. Every single strain I get from them is grown right. Cured well. And smells and tastes strong 💪 every single time. Never have I gotten flower from them that I was disappointed about

  38. Everything Exotic Mike puts out is gas. Someone just posted his Gas Basket yesterday. My buddy grows Grease Monkey Runtz, Cherry Cosmo and Gas Basket. All of them are in another category as for how fucking incredible the weed is

  39. In a study in more than 6,000 adults, those who reported eating sunflower seeds and other seeds at least five times a week had 32% lower levels of C-reactive protein compared to people who ate no seeds.

  40. I've been away from growing for the last 5 ish years, haven't heard of BAS until now but upon looking it up it looks great.

  41. There is M3 mix that just water only. Mass Medical the seed breeder uses it and I heard him talking about it. Looks really good.

  42. What strain is fading these beautiful colors ? Mine is just going dark dark purp almost black

  43. I Ph my Just Water as well. And the answer to your question is yes. What type of medium are you growing in ? What nutes ?

  44. I’m not sure now. Because I was using straight coco/perlite. So I fed/watered every other day in Veg. But happy frog is more of a soil type thing so I’m not sure how to feed when using that. Someone will chime in and tell you. Soil needs fed diff then just coco/perlite I believe

  45. Also, make sure the price doesn't quietly change while you're browsing. I've experienced several recent incidents where the price of an item mysteriously increases by as much as $10 after browsing for a bit. I can see the old price by opening the item link in incognito or on another browser.

  46. I literally made and canceled 3 orders and got 3 diff prices. I found something cheaper after I ordered first. Then placed the 2nd order. For some reason it ended up being 1$ more than my first order. Did it again and got the cheapest price. Lol 😂

  47. I am giving you detail ... that girl is READY! Take her in and Hang her to dry! She is golden

  48. Why do you say shit like this ? Please don’t give info out of you do not know you are right. What if they chopped down the plant cause of the wrong info you gave them ? How would you feel if that happened to you bro ?

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