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  1. Yeah, it’s mandatory to drive on sand since the ESP system gets crazy and you lose a lot of torque

  2. Did you pull the fuse, or do the maintenance mode trick, or is there another way?

  3. I have fitted a MAC AUDIO Flat Sub 25 under the driver seat, along with replacing the head unit to an android one, replaced the front 2 speakers with Pioneer, and added 2 more Pioneer speakers on the rear. Have to say it’s become like a cinema room. Purely amazing

  4. Which head unit did you end up with?

  5. I'm in the same boat. Seen some kits on Aliexpress and a couple other sites but no idea which ones are worth it.

  6. Hello all, recent new owner. Not super bothered by it but just curious to see if this is normal, and why lol? Are these welding points? Really odd that the paint job is kinda shit

  7. I've got the frontrunner one and love it. Bit of a pain to set up first, but once we got it on its only been happy days. Heaps of bolt on accessories that work great with it too. I've mainly seen the ironman racks around Adelaide and haven't seen any ARB so can't attest to those sorry.

  8. My mum caught it last weekend (presumably), had symptoms and tested positive on Wednesday. I had symptoms from Thursday but the rat only came back positive on the Saturday. Almost lost hope it was going to show positive and went to get a pcr too

  9. Looks suspiciously close to the ironman one to me

  10. Is it possible to remove a completed research? Not sure why, but my medieval-locked colony somehow researched electricity after fiddling around with some mods and now I've got buildings I can't (nor want) to make cluttering up my build UI.

  11. Could hide/remove them with Cherry Picker

  12. They did the same in Aus and now you require a firearms license to own one

  13. I'm on a new jimny with the toyo high country ATs in 235 75 r15 and they don't sound much louder to road tires to me but have heaps of grip and did quite well in some mud a couple weeks ago

  14. As these are quite large, do you find that they ever rub on the body or anything when turning off road?

  15. I've got a lift, so no. However I've also heard that they're fine without a lift and are generally the largest you can go without one. I tried 31" wheels which rubber both front and back so could barely turn the wheels.

  16. Used to get a free slice of this whenever my parents went to the butcher when I was a kid in Adelaide

  17. Lookin nice and tall! Wish we got lifts pre installed here

  18. Had to go through ironman which took a while but certainly happy with it!

  19. 86 Mitsu Colt. I think it's called a Sigma in some countries too.

  20. Basically only ever ran on the odd weekend and kept in a garage it's entire life. Somehow only has 90kkm

  21. Came out much better than mine

  22. I saw a bloke on YouTube, I think it was Roam Overlanding, who went into a big discussion about the weight he found acceptable in the car and on the roof and how it affected the drive and safety of it all. Could be worth checking out.

  23. That's a good call mate! Been having a harder look into it and it seems like the roof racks at least are an easy one to knock off!

  24. I honestly noticed it less after installing my racks. Could be a bit of extra top weight anchoring it down or I could be just be totally wrong. If nothing else it's definitely not worse.

  25. How do you find the front runner platform? I've been looking at all the options and the FR ones seem like the best but I haven't met anyone in person with them.

  26. I'm in Adelaide and just ordered a 2022 model for $31,800. They're way cheaper here to get new than 2nd hand

  27. Only 4 months here thankfully. Also mines a manual as I've heard the auto struggles to manage

  28. I have a black model D... love it to death. I am curious about the wireless version... but I'm in no rush to change it.

  29. I recently got the wireless Model D and it's probably the best mouse I've used. AFAIK it's basically as light as the wired but it never gets snagged or tangled

  30. Hi! Please comment under this post, and we will pick 2 lucky people a day later for a free Kit, no caps and switches included.

  31. These keycaps are originally designed by SoulCat and are made of high quality PBT material. Dye sublimation is the process of manufacturing. 131 keys are included in a set.

  32. I don't know the actual name so I would just lump them in with parenthesis/brackets

  33. So, I didn’t have any math education when I was young. Now that I’m in my mid thirties I’d like to start learning from the bottom up. I’ve been starting from the bottom using Khan Academy, but this means I still don’t know a lot of basics. So, this is an interesting opportunity to learn. At first, I looked at this and came to 10 as well, because I worked through the operations in order, left to right, so 10-10=0, 0x100=0, 0+10=10.

  34. In Australia we use BEDMAS. Brackets, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction as the order of operations. Hope that helps a bit

  35. Im a big fan of pastels on white

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