1. Cheaper, sure - It's not much cheaper, if at all, anymore.

  2. Incel culture is a reaction to the feminisation of western societies.

  3. That's not real. Unironically, go touch grass

  4. Time stop. Even if it's just like, a second, there's ways to take advantage of it.

  5. Except he doesn't say that, or even really imply it. He just kinda starts complaining about sand, then talking about how much he likes the planet he's on.

  6. And why wouldn't he like sand? Huh? Why wouldn't the man that grew up on a sand planet as a slave like sand? Huh? Can you put two and two together? Or does a work need to spoon feed you its thematic through-lines?

  7. Except he DOES tell you why: he doesn't like sand because it's coarse, rough, irritating, and it gets everywhere. That is the reason, and any other reason is something you're assuming about him based on your desire for the scene to have more meaning than is actually there. It's possible for a theme/meaning to be implied without being spoon fed to the audience, but the movie doesn't do that. Hell, the scene would probably be better if all he said was "I don't like sand..." and didn't give a reason as to why. At least then you could infer that it might be because of his upbringing.

  8. Holy shit, things can be for multiple reasons, or one is just obfuscation for the other. Breaking news, more at 11

  9. Yeah well I had a similar age gap relationship and he ended up being a pedo

  10. I'm sorry you had to deal with that. But your personal experience isn't reflective of anyone else

  11. I assume you're born in 94. Maybe when you're 40 and have kids you will understand that it's creepy.

  12. Bruh how tf do you know whether or not I have kids now? And me having a kid doesn't change anything about the discussion at hand.

  13. The entirety of the She-Ra reboot is just a bunch of teenagers having non-stop panic attacks for five seasons

  14. When tf did anyone harrass GW employees over headcanon?

  15. Not really a show, but Watership Down and Plague Dogs are supposed to be for children.

  16. I keep hearing horror stories about gym class meanwhile mine was just. We played basketball. You got a good grade if you showed up and played fair. It was fun

  17. This is what gym class should be.

  18. Just trim down Dark Tournament and give the final arc a proper ending. Like that's literally all it needs

  19. How would you do either? I agree with both, but I'm curious. I could add your thoughts in if you let me know what they should've done. Though I think part of why the DT feels long is because the MCs win almost everything with few issues. But I do think there's a lot more that could be done. I'd rewrite a ton of my favorite show, let alone YYH.

  20. Some of the DT fights are unnecessary, but which ones varies with who you ask. Personally I would just give the axe to the whole set of fights with the elemental demons, but that's just me. Others would never cut them, and would rather cut something else.

  21. While I do think it's pretty lame we apparently couldn't do anything about this thing other than watch it drift across the entire US with no way to retrieve it that didn't involve shooting it down, the fact it wasn't shot down was due to avoiding risk to anybody below it. They decided to take it down once it hit the ocean and that risk was gone.

  22. No one is paying $10k just to “meet”

  23. You wildly underestimate the desperation of simpery. Lonely people will pay ungodly amounts of money just to have a girl say their name

  24. Hell nah, ex picking up clothes and books was depressing and awkward and tearful for both of us. By far the least horny I’ve ever been.

  25. This. Who tf are these people that just compulsively fuck with no control?

  26. Sometimes, the sexual chemistry is still there even when your heart isn't.

  27. And tide pods look like candy but I can have enough self control to not engage in something even if my dumb monkey brain tells me not to

  28. I have not. This doesn't bode well.

  29. Well I'm just hoping she's not going to be used like a zombie just to be killed once again by her freinds is dead entire time or comes back alive just to die foreal in a instant

  30. If Gege wasn't planning that before, I think he will steer in that direction after the fan outcry over losing Nobara so relatively early.

  31. Some of Bloodborne's best weapons are locked behind utter bullshit.

  32. They're interesting when it's the mark of having done something unique (ie, kill an enemy player in multiplayer with a throwing knife while jumping).

  33. This sounds more Tzeentch than Khorne

  34. Tzeentch does cause lots of mutation, but all of the Chaos Gods' influence, including daemons, can cause Chaos Spawn

  35. Only the Exalted Eightbound are supposed to be in full control though.

  36. I think DMC6 needs to break away from the Sons of Sparda entirely. I want a full blown character creator, and the chance to make my own MC

  37. I want a character who does V's gameplay but with a bit more meat to it. Like you can get different "demons" and stuff like that.

  38. I'd like the next V type character to fight like Megumi from JJK. Like, he has summons, but still throws down himself too.

  39. Feelings on the Raimi trilogy as a whole aside, the train scene in Spiderman 2 really tried to hammer this home too and almost got there.

  40. I can never fully describe what that scene means to me. I was just a kid when I first watched it, and seeing people fawn over a hero, no matter how unbelievable it was to them that he could be, meant so much to me. That Peter could be anyone, that Peter could be me.

  41. I really liked your performance bro ❤️

  42. I vaguely remember Gojo saying time is frozen in whatever thing he's sealed in...this made me think that he would be stronger when he gets released because he could keep training infinitely while 'waiting'? Surely a rematch between Gojo / Kenjaku is bound to happen.

  43. I fully disagree. I think Kenjaku getting sealed in, and Gojo beating his ass for the rest of eternity, reassured that his students will be just fine if they could pull off sealing Kenjaku, would be a great way to beat him if done right.

  44. Live nearby. It's a lethal section of road tbh, anyone not used to it could easily fuck up. And it's so narrow that it doesn't surprise me at all.

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