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  1. I have an original bass that Dave “The Beast” Spitz played while on tour 🎸

  2. Seriously I wanna hear guesses on what that was that he gave him. Wrong answers only.

  3. Sadly, Engelhard is defunt as of May 30, 2006 purchased for $5 billion by BASF and renamed BASF Catalysts LLC and a part of parent BASF.

  4. Thanks for that background on Engelhard. Famous brand Johnson Matthey left the market, too, acquired by Asahi Refining in 2015. Here's a little blurb on that:

  5. Thank you for your post! I have so many Engelhard and JM bars and am fortunate I bought most of them when premiums were so much lower ⭐️

  6. I think Al Sharpton started that trend and wants licensing fees from these people:; expect an attorney’s letter to be delivered to them shortly

  7. Lol. I bet the stock goes up. Their operating profits soared. Mark to market stock portfolio already reflected in share price. You know nothing of how how to become a millionaire with Brk.b

  8. I’ve been to over 10 annual Berkshire meetings. I spent 24+ years on Wall Street after law school and retired in my 40’s a few years back. Please direct your comments for others as Buffett is an incredible hypocrite.

  9. Interesting. We have very similar backgrounds down to law school and investment community. I’m buying Brkb here. Never lost money buying at 1.3 Book Value.

  10. I’m certainly not disagreeing with you, I believe Berkshire equity is a good value right now. My issue is with Warren himself; “ Buffett has been warning for decades about the incredible amount of derivatives that are a ticking time bomb for our largest financial companies. So what does he do; he loads up on leverage and derivatives and this quarter has a massive loss because of them 🫤”

  11. I guess just general knowledge or tips. Or a referral to a website/youtube. I’ve been interested in growing a tree farm(either for lumber harvest or christmas trees)

  12. My friend, there is just too much to write. I’ve been in the tree business for well over a decade and could write a book on the subject. I wish you well 🌳

  13. There are an estimated 10 vaquita left; man just SUCKS. Thank G-d for Sea Shepherd ⭐️

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