1. You are totally right, this should be in

  2. I don't think anyone should fault editing a legal one imo.

  3. I think the same; Im too lazy to cheat on this, but if its legal and can happen, its okay if you dont want to waste hours and hours on getting a god roll.

  4. We shouldn't be able to constantly know where the monsters are; bring the paintballs back.

  5. I have played a few Monster Hunter games and I literally ignore the spiribirds almost always and Im perfectly fine like that; cant talk about newcomers tho.

  6. For me, Silver Rathalos is harder if you are ranged, and Golden Rathian is harder if you are melee. I must say though, I think Golden Rathian is harder overall.

  7. Realistic - Gravios and other adult forms coming in TU 2 or 3

  8. We are getting Shen Gaoren and Lao Shan Lung sieges.

  9. Im spanish, so if you go to google trasnlate and translate ceanataur, it will show ceanatauro; hear it ignoring the last o and you will hear how I pronunce it. The stressed syllable for me is Cea.

  10. Tbh Rise is not worth paying for, only with Sunbreak it is a decent game in terms of content if you come from World.

  11. 100% Alatreon. I loved the design, the weapons and gear and the idea, but when your main weapon is Greatsword and you MUST reach a elemental damage check, well, it sucks.

  12. The problem with Spiribirds is that we already know where the monster is, so this mechanic thats perfect for exploration is now pointless. If this spiribirds had been in MH Freedom Unite for example, where you didn't know where the monster is and you have to throw him a ball of paint in order to track him, this would have been really interesting, but in Rise? nah its just annoying.

  13. You can't drop full colour divisions like that. You can go down from plat 3 to plat 4 again etc. But once you've got Plat 4, that's the lowest you can end up. So the plat rewards are the worst you can get now, no matter what.

  14. Well thats pretty nice. Its a good idea since otherwise people would do what I thought once they reach X rank, just stick to casual and dont play ranked haha

  15. Who is Sigrun and why does she step in Kratos calling him worthless like a dominatrix

  16. Heavy Bowgun is the best weapon to farm materials; either with sticky ammo for basically all monsters, because it allows other hunters to do free dmg in 3-4 stuns and 1-2 paralyzes, or you can use a special build if you REALLY want to farm a monster. For example, I have a thunder pierce build to kill the sunbreak final boss, because its materials are great to meld talismans, and the build is just absurd in terms of dmg, like I have a mod to see the total dmg % of every player, and I usually end up doing 50% of the total HP of the monster haha

  17. Tbh I hate how the armor looks and I dont like the fight at all, but I like Kirin to be there because the design is so cool. But again, the fight is so boring and frustrating because he is so small and his weak point hard to miss, and then most of his boy is hard as fucking steel so no, I dont like it hahaha I always end up killing him with stickies instead of using my Greatsword.

  18. When I fought him the first time I was like "wow he looks so cool!" and then he inflicted me with poison, burn and paralysis in a single attack. I killed that bastard.

  19. I use greatsword and I would 100% use it instead of dereliction except for one detail: you have to use three particular armors: arms, waist and legs. This is an awful thing because I couldn't get those three armor pieces to fit into a good build.

  20. Well fixing bugs is not making them money. Selling packs and gems and cosmetic does. As you probably noticed there are many offers in the shop :)

  21. Yeah, I noticed new things like emotes and that kind of stuff, perfect for making MORE money xD

  22. For context, I have only played MHFU in PSP when I was 12 or so, and then I recently played World-Iceborne and im playing Sunbreak currently.

  23. I would say that, aside from Sigrun ofc, the only kinda hard one is Rota, the one on helheim, or at least thats what I think in comparision with the others.

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