1. For some reason, I think it would totally feel and taste like apple juice, and quite cold.

  2. Im currently making runs for every ending, and my last two runs I made it in 12-14 hours without much hurry. I think 30 hours ir way more than enough idk

  3. That's what I thought, but they also mention the ripple blade? Which does physical damage?

  4. Yeah, I actually mean weapons that don't scale with either strength or dexterity, sorry for the mistake hahaha So yeah, seems like int is missing that kind of weapon

  5. You can farm the basilisks on the Grand Cloister (On the lake of rot underground), those have a 8% chance of dropping aeonian butterflies:

  6. Well by activating them u can send cooperative and hostile summon signs when selecting both near and far when using the specified item

  7. Okay so if I wanna be a sunbro and help on bosses randomly, I need to activate all the Martyr Effigies near all the bosses?

  8. Because being God isnt just about being born of one,you need to ascend,wich Malenia and Miquella in the game still didnt.

  9. I would say Malenia does ascend to godhood on the second phase of the fight, judging by her title haha

  10. This would also apply then to all of the Black Knife Assassins killing you, since their blades also inhabit Destined Death.

  11. And same for vulgar militia and black blade gargoyles on some attacks hahaha

  12. They dont have the Rune of Death, they are just using his techniques iirc

  13. Well, militia and bb gargoyles have attack with that red effect and they do apply the destined death effect, so I would say they do have it xD

  14. Flail, just because I always take it to kill Greyoll in early hahaha

  15. Dress decently, even a bit posh.

  16. Thats karma for ganking the invader haha

  17. Not really, but when I use the mimic ash I say "Prepare for trouble *Summons* And make it double!"

  18. Rice, a couple fried eggs, sausages and some tomato sauce.

  19. Way smaller difference in numbers than expected

  20. Yup, seems like its really balanced

  21. Use an ash that is aggressive, melee and staggering, like wolves, Oleg... The spam Rock Sling and gg hahaha

  22. I know a case of skill issue when I see one

  23. Hands down elden beast, run towards him for 45 minutes just to get one shotted absolutely garbage

  24. I have never struggled with Elden Beast tbh, it is a pain to reach the fucker since its always moving, but if you have 40 vigor it shouldn't oneshot your. Also, you can get haligtree drake talisman or any other buff that gives you more holy damage protection, and the Elden Beast will be doing really little to endanger your life.

  25. Because you can hardly tell what’s going on on-screen

  26. AND you can find 10 copies of the same boss around the map

  27. I'll agree on you point in terms of %, because I think games like DS3 had a much higher % of music themes that were damn good compared to ER, but I still think that ER has a few themes that are really good; my favorite is Radagon's fight, for example.

  28. Duo bosses suck. After Ornstein and smough and maybe the twin princes Duo bosses just became shit. I’m happy there’s only 1 required one

  29. Absolutly. Thanks god we have coop and ashes, otherwise those fights would be a big filter for players like Margit in early.

  30. You cannot level strength nor dexterity, and you cant use neither spells or incantations. So to speak, your only damage will be the faith/int//arc scaling of your weapons :P

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