1. Low Tier: Barroth and Great Jaggi for that MHTri nostalgia. First monsters I ever fought. Also Great Jaggi is the coolest bird wyvern since its pack system is more biologically interesting than little monster/big monster

  2. I also want Monoblos back, but dude, I hate Mizutsune hahaha I love its design but I hate fighting it, its just soooo annoying, moving around, drifting...

  3. Ha, in generations Mizu became my "comfort fight". I loved the feeling of keeping up with it. It flows like water, so I flow like water... very zen.

  4. I use greatsword, I cant flow hahahahah

  5. There is never enough khezu, that is why they elongated his neck.

  6. I understand that it can be "annoying" for you, but, unless he WANTS to and there is nothing holding him back from living alone (economy, dependent parents due to some illness...) yeah, I share your opinion. If you can live alone and you want to stay with your parents, oof.

  7. I once had a date with a guy who was building his own home. I was having major renovations done on my house too. He proceeded to tell me I wasn’t a typical cancerian as that’s not what we do! His birthday made him a cancerian too. So men do that too

  8. I know, I just say "a girl" because Im not interested on men in a partner way haha

  9. Its close to a god roll, if you use weapons that hit fast liie dual blades, you probably have your definitive talisman.

  10. God roll would be CB 3/Burst 2, but the decos are god roll, yes.

  11. It would be CB 2, 3 is not legal. But yeah, it would had to be a Critical Boost 2, Burst 2, 3-1-1 for it to be a god roll. Damn good anyway.

  12. This one is one-sided too haha Think that safi is suposed to have a similar strenght to Fatalis, and thats no joke; do you think a nergi would be a deal for Fatalis? nah.

  13. Yes but especially yes if I'm on my wide range sns build to force everyone else to have it.

  14. Thats what I do haha, Wide Range 5 and gg.

  15. It's monster hunter not monster fighter, preperation is a part of the game

  16. I wanted to pre-download Overwatch 2 but I can't find it in the

  17. It's classed as an update for Overwatch 1, click the cog next to the play button and check for update, it should download after that. Also check prerelease downloads aren't capped in settings.

  18. Btw, I find that funny because that makes it look even more like just a big update and not like an actual new game xd

  19. Oh, so I shouldn't have uninstalled Overwatch 1. Fuck.

  20. Well, I think that the point here is to make her pay without you serving years in jail, so a few things come to my mind:

  21. Yeah, the current armors and the qurio crafting allows dumb builds. I main greatsword and my current build with Kamura Cleaver looks like this:

  22. I love this types of posts and images and I love you. I remember I made something similar for the Guiding Lands in Iceborne and I had little repercussion, glad you are getting popular mate :D

  23. u need to use 4 augement slots for an upgrade to the rampage slot and the weapons base raw is 320 its not better than kamura. 3 lvl 2 slots and the sharpness is very nice but not enough to make it better.

  24. I think that, until we get better level 4 jewels, this sword will be better just because it allows you to fit more important jewels like attack boost, critical boost, critical eye or weakness exploit. With a level 4 jewel, right now you can't get really important skills.

  25. Oh, thats cool. Hopefully it will get updated.

  26. Options - Game Settings - Scroll all the way down to "Hunter Connect Invite Settings" and set it to "Ignore Auto Invite"

  27. Holy fuck, I have looked for it like four times through my time playing this game and couldn't find it. Thanks xD

  28. Hot cake: SOS system kills the community aspect of the game, makes creating rooms redundant and rewards parting with other hunters as soon as the hunt ends. I’d honestly be happy without it entirely

  29. I could agree with your comment but only in world, where there are 16 people sessions; with this sessions of 4 people, it only takes one AFK player to ruin the whole session.

  30. They just improved SOS’s in the patch coming today. They’ve been making QoL changes since the first patch, and there’s no sign of them stopping!

  31. I dont see any change in the SOS system in terms of layout for the helper, what did they change?

  32. Well, I only have had two gfs; the first one never told me she had been cheated on, can't say she hasn't been tho, and my current gf had never had a bf. This said, none of my friends nor my sister have been cheated on or viceversa.

  33. Tengo video, a lo mejor me planteo subirlo mañana si le gusta a mucha gente. No voy a sacrificar un bug que me deja hamburguesas gratis por poco

  34. Otro que quiere ver el video por privado jajaja

  35. It spent more then half the fight knocked on the ground felt like a normal mizutsune to me

  36. Same, I was using greatsword but there were 3 gunners in my hunt and it couldn't move for the last 60% hp. Stuns, exhaust, around 5 traps... Around 5 minutes and it was dead already, couldn't see the strong attack some people are talking about.

  37. While I agree the top answer is likely Khezu or Tigrex, honorary mention of Kulve Tarroth

  38. I liked kulve lol, I would just hit her to death with greatsword or sticky and thats it hahaha

  39. Quick update - I am now running Dereliction (lv1) and have never looked back!

  40. For greatsword, the priority is Weakness Exploit, Critical Boost, Critical Eye and Attack Boost more or less in that order, but Attack Boost is 100% after the other 3. This said, try to ALWAYS have Attack Boost at level 4 at least, so if you have to go Critical Eye 5 so you can have the attack boost at level 4, its okay, but usually critical eye is more valuable.

  41. Firstly - thanks for getting back mate, much appreciated! And secondly... I feel on everything you said about the Kamura GS, hence why I go 'off-meta' also and use the Lucent Narga (which suits my overall character look much better, and the colour palette really pops IMO).

  42. Hello again. I just came to say that I finally started qurio crafting my armor and well, I ended up with this build:

  43. That armor and weapons are designed to get you through World fast so you can start with Iceborne more quickly, so if you want to experience the whole game you don't want to use it, but if you just wanna rush to Iceborne, then use it.

  44. I would probably look for what economic bubbles happened in this time. For example, if I had invested in bitcoin 10 years ago, I would be rich, but if I do now, I will probably just cry. (Cryptobros answers coming I bet).

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