1. https://www.3chi.com/product-category/delta-9o-products/

  2. I’ve been thinking of getting THC-O 3chi’s are they just as good as normal THC?

  3. There even better bro I get way higher with these but the high creeps up in you😭😭

  4. Yeah it’s normal, I did the cart version and they’re all runny. Also, the reason why it’s runny because it’s Delta 9o (basically THC-O from Delta 9) not Delta 9.

  5. disposables have it set for a really high voltage, and it’s just straight up mystery oil. You never know what’s in it if you didn’t buy it from the dispensary itself. They’re sold in bulks, packaging and even the hardware can be found online so anyone can just make their own put god knows what’s in it and sell it to ppl claiming it’s from the dispo

  6. I don’t understand the “wait until you’re of age” to buy a vaporizer. Would you guys rather have a teen combusting their bud? I don’t want this sub to get taken down but Reddit isn’t checking if AyeManSayMan is over 18 fyi

  7. They so mad lol I work for my money lol. And it lowkey shouldn’t be 21 anyway it should be 18 tbh

  8. Ha, of course. I should have thought of that. Someone who got a hold of daddy's credit card probably

  9. Bro I work 4-5 days a week ur miserable on Reddit hating cuz it’s a possibility I’m under 21 but still living better than u

  10. I think you are going to have an adjustment period for sure. The boredom plain out sucks but it's not the worst part of recovery imo. The night sweats,body fatigue, sleepless nights, and nauseated mornings are all also minor compared to the more intense vomiting , anxiety, and stomach cramps (abdominal pain). You have to decide that no matter how bored you get you'll ride it out anyways. I watched a ton of movies I'm the beginning of recovery and I'm not a movie person. I normally don't watch t.v. at all....buy during beginning of recovery it was just about all I could do because I physically and mentally couldn't handle anything else. When I would feel my head caving in from anxiety I would go take a walk outside or sit outside to change the scenery. Magnesium glycinate helps with sleep assistance, anxiety, and sore muscles from body fatigue but it's not a cure all. Melatonin helps some people sleep (it gave me terrible night terrors). Benadryl also helps some people with anxiety, and sleep. Some people recommend ematrol for nausea and vomiting. My episodes got so severe that I had to go thr e.r. and urgent care for fluids and my doctor wrote me scripts of xanax and promethazine. I did actually develop a slight dependency on xanax but was able to kick that habit by weaning down at some point. I wish I had more ideas for thr boredom cure but I don't. ♡

  11. Dam I live a pretty boring going to school and right after work and home at night for 5 days then hang with my friends the weekends. Since march I don’t really enjoy anything or have any hobbies it’s hard to catch dopamine sober. Not sad just never happy. So I dread t breaks but I guess im gonna binge movies and sht but idk if I can do 30 days. Do yk if It it’s still the same if I do like 25 or 20

  12. Everyone is different. 25 or 20 days might work for you. ♡

  13. Bet is there a way I would tell?? Because I took a 15 day break before and by day 12ish the issues went away

  14. Why do I get the unsettling feeling that OP will still go with GPen ....ugh.

  15. The POTV XMax V3 Pro. Note that POTV doesn’t even sell G Pens. That’s cos they’re shitty vapes. They are on the avoid list on this subs wiki. I bought one before I discovered this sub and I wish I hadn’t wasted my money.

  16. ESPECIALLY if it’s your first vape. It does the job for me and is fairly easy to clean. You can always drop more cash later if you end up liking it. Just my $0.02!

  17. Do you think I can get it with vaping it mobile in rooms without it smelling?

  18. It is very mobile, but there is no such thing as a smell proof herb vape.

  19. How bad is the smell compared to a cart which smells like the flavor for abt 5 seconds, and compared to dreaded bud stench

  20. All of these suck nuts except urb nd 3chi

  21. Yeah I’m abt to cop it to lmk how long it takes to come

  22. If you’re in a illegal state order delta/hhc carts off the web but find a good website first and make sure the product legit

  23. Fake doesn’t really mean deadly it just means counterfeit like some random plug filled it you should be fine I’ve smoked plenty of fake stuff

  24. Personally before I was able to get medical stuff I would stay away from anything with the ca! Logo on it. Usually unless you are from ca people fake it to make it seem more reputable

  25. My close friends brother says it was from California took like three days to ship it. Yeah this is like my 2nd fake 🛒in like 2 weeks so I’m just gonna stick to 🍃 because I’m wasting money

  26. Givë a fuck bout what u said don’t need no commëntary 🚫🎙

  27. Put some diamonds onna teeth 🦷 call it tooth fairy 🧚‍♀️

  28. Packaging looks legit but I bought a fake madlab cart before so Idrk🤷🏾‍♂️

  29. Same I been trying to post my cart since last night bro I need help

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