1. Bottleneck will depend on game. A CPU heavy game like warzone will always be bottlenecked unless you have a 3060 or 3070. But a CPU light game will happily use a 3090 and keep it fed.

  2. Ok was a bit scared because was my first PC and when i see online benchmark GPU goes like 60 65 degrees

  3. Benchmarks are usually done with a pretty good cooler. They're trying to get best performance to remove thermal throttling limits. You will be perfectly fine, most GPUs can run happily at 95°c without any issue, and even if it got "too hot" it cannot physically damage itself just from overheating, at least not through normal use.

  4. Perhaps. But I'm not building a gaming pc per se.

  5. Then you can happily use the integrated GPU, your performance will be awesome anyway, you will save power, and also money, get the G variant. However it may limit what GPU you do add since less CPU means less max GPU

  6. If I was to dip my toe into a little bit of 1080p gaming down the road, what would be the best upgrade path in your opinion?

  7. Well if you get a 5600g, and eventually want a dedicated gpu, I wouldn't recommend anything more than a 3070, but budget being a thing, possibly a 3060 will give good 1080p performance. Tbh almost any low-mid range GPU will do 1080p gaming pretty flawlessly at this point, but if you pair a 5600g with something high end it may not get a huge uplift in performance.

  8. I'd recommend gamepass ultimate to get you started it has EA play included . but also make sure any game purchases are done on steam.

  9. I’m already have like ~350 games on my steam account, just need more free time to play them.🥲

  10. Sounds like a pretty hefty bottleneck but those components should be fine, warzone is a pretty CPU intensive game though

  11. Keep in mind that "blue" refers to anything from a slight blue tinted grey to a nearly black dark blue.

  12. No chance from that CPU at that refresh rate and resolution. Could try performance dlss but your CPU is going to be holding you back and the 3070 will likely need a few graphics tweaks at that resolution and framerate anyway.

  13. This game is so bad lmao. Go play Project Zomboid. It actually feels good to play.

  14. It's a decent way to use up early game hydrogen if it becomes a storage problem

  15. Sweet thanks, I’ll keep trying after lunch. If not that then I’ll reset the bios even though that makes me a bit jumpy (short circuiting stuff on purpose ya know).

  16. It's supposed to be shorted, it's a switch for bios reset. That's it's intended function, just be sure to get the right pins.

  17. You know preheating is done for a reason right? Not just to save time. If you preheat your over properly, not only will it crisp up the good better but it will feel hot, telling you the oven is working.

  18. To prevent clipping a cloth sim needs lead-in time, I usually set aside 75 frames or something to let the cape fall naturally this way all posing can be done with the cape neutral and out of the way, and baking will give it enough time to fall

  19. Try running display driver uninstaller and reinstall your drivers completely

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