1. This is beyond ridiculous! Posts like these make us all on this sub look like crazies.

  2. I take it you haven't read his book. Stuff like this is right up Harry's alley. Whether they're meeting on her birthday or having their first sex together on the day she died, or their second child's pregnancy being announced the same day Diana's second pregnancy was announced....if it means mommy and Meghan have more in common, then yes he's going to do it and then tell everyone he did it that way. Not joking.

  3. That's not the point. They should give credit.

  4. Thank you for your service!! Im gonna have to watch this movie now 😂

  5. I was actually thinking to myself "It's interesting this no logo sort of looks like H&M. If they we're not walking to a private jet this would def be H&M...hold on a minute isn't this H&M?"

  6. Might be true, however the characters are meant to argue in Loro Piana

  7. How could you forget the mountain goat pose on the pile of dirt?

  8. she better beg for Kim's forgiveness too then -- aren't they friends? didn't she hop right on pete like a month after they broke up?

  9. I do hope he's not too traumatised by all those cameras clicking. Such a shame his security didn't know about the underground entrance which is less than 500ft away

  10. king charles was supposed to be in france for his first state visit, but the trip was cancelled. this was obviously meant to overshadow his father’s trip, but it hasn’t quite gone to plan.

  11. I’m so tired of the sheer dresses with diaper looking bottoms underneath.

  12. Prince Harry and a close friend have been interviewed by police after two rare and legally protected birds of prey were killed on the royal family's Sandringham estate in Norfolk last week.

  13. Something so unseemly about a prince going cap in hand to his neighbors for hand-outs.

  14. Thanks for the breakdown and work into this! Any idea how they can just write “other” for over 400,000 dollars of expenses? Not required to break it down further?

  15. I thought she was dating that one comedian who’s name totally slips my mind now. I think he might be Puerto Rican? Eric or Allen possibly.

  16. Charles didn’t grant the titles though. The death of the Queen did. I believe Charles will take them with a new Letters Patent that will also strip the York girls in order to slim down the monarchy. I hope he is able to the the Gloucester and Kent titles. They deserve to keep them as they have long served the crown.

  17. It was also done with the belief they were going to be working royals. It was a clothing allowance for a job, not a chance to buy overpriced clothes that she couldn't previously afford.

  18. Mad at you! I knew he’d pop up like an unhinged Jack-in-the-box after you said that!!

  19. Granted my dogs react like that when they wake up and see us in the morning, and we all sleep in the same bed. It’s a standard Italian greyhound thing.

  20. Wait… What? I’ve never heard this before

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