1. Christingle 🤣🤣 remember these from every Christmas Eve. You need to upgrade the raisins to dolly mixtures though!

  2. We'll see if she keep waering it or not. That will be the truth of it.

  3. Has he directly denounced Balenciaga publicly? Or has he just spoken about it tangentially?

  4. What we're not talking about is the parents. Who in the absolute fuck would ever let their children do this?

  5. You have a horse… which deprived area are you from?

  6. Haha your kidding but it is a nice bit of Cheshire 😬

  7. I was kidding, but I wasn't making fun of you. Bristol is lovely (and a very good school). What do you hope to study?

  8. Artical is pure click bait and has nothing to do with the Harlkes.

  9. I am comparing intellect and the fact that Perry has degenerated Black women to provide himself wealth. You give credit for perpetuating horrible stereotypes of black women? That’s Tyler Perry. Yeah, he made that money himself. Good for him?

  10. Definitely wasn't Kanye. Kanye has been very vocal for a couple years against child sexualization. He doesn't even want his kids in the spotlight

  11. Artists and celebrities do collections and collaborations with brands all the time, and brands do collaborations with other brands all the time. That doesn’t mean that they have control over or creative input into everything that brand does. That’s just ridiculous. He doesn’t run any part of Balenciaga. And although he had a managerial position within one section of Adidas, he didn’t have control over everything Adidas did, either. That’s not how these things work.

  12. I'll never understand why black people get so fantatical about white owned luxury brands. It's a weird addiction.

  13. Are those nut stains on his belly? When did looking like a cum dumpster become high fashion?

  14. I thought he had all the merch made up years ago? Like when trump was still in office ?

  15. nope. he's been embroidering 'Ye24' on old yeezy/Adidas/gap/balenciaga hoodies and selling them for $20

  16. I've been waiting all day for your recap, thank you for your service! 💖💖💖

  17. yes to allll of this. all twelve grandkids have their father's surname even only three of them were born into a marriage.

  18. you can do them all of them next season because I am NOT prepared to watch ten more episodes of this

  19. my birthday is on Valentine’s Day. on my 13th birthday, at dinner, my parents told me “in a way it was also your brothers birthday since we made him on valentines day as well” not saying this is normal, bc it’s not, but kim telling north the dress she wore is mild in comparison lmfao

  20. They must not have been having sex a lot for her to know the date of conception

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