1. Cold air intake, exhaust, to help her breathe a bit better. Side rails, maybe level her in the front, slap some 34s or 35s on that puppy and you'll be well on your way. Nice truck!

  2. A cold air intake and exhaust won’t do shit except cost you a bunch of money and make it loud. The factory intake and exhaust are super efficient on these trucks. If you want loud, just straight pipe it. They sound good that way but are super annoying around 70 mph.

  3. Drive it and enjoy it as it is for a bit so you can find things you might want to change along the way. If I were to do one thing on this truck it would be a DOD delete and tune but that's a bit silly on a new truck under warranty. It's amazing how much it woke up my friends 5.3 in his Sierra. He was having issues with the displacement on demand doing weird things and decided to swap in a mild cam and have it tuned. It turned out really nice and his fuel mileage is the same or possibly barely better now.

  4. A ‘21 Custom probably doesn’t have DOD. Most didn’t. Mine doesn’t and it was a $500 discount for not having it. I call that a double bonus.

  5. Yep, stop posting about shitty nameless CSM’s. Name and unit please

  6. Man I wish I would have picked one of these up when they were going for $10-15g’s

  7. It’s crazy how their value keeps going up. I’m just thankfully I’ve had it way before all the car craziness stuff started happening.

  8. Lightings, Silverado SS’s Ram SRT10’s could be had all day for $15k or below back around 2008-2009ish. I was in the market for one of them and ended up with an SS just because it was more practical. I ended up getting rid of it when premium hit $4/gal in 2012 and my gas bill was higher than my payment. Man I miss cool factory produced sport trucks.

  9. Nerve of these idiots to charge for shipping too. Unbelievable.

  10. Damn that looks nice! I wish I would have waited for the refresh but I really needed a truck last summer

  11. Nope. Horrible deal. Where’s it at so I can go tell them myself!

  12. Every time I see one of these The Rolling Stones She’s like a rainbow immediately starts playing in my head

  13. Been there a few times, probably one of my favorite destinations.

  14. Correct, I really just mean that it doesn’t truly solve problems for those living here I’m not sure how this has so many downvotes. If you zoom into the bottom of this image there’s just garbage. Plants help the air quality not living conditions

  15. Seriously what do you fucking people want? People here bitch about single houses, dense houses, big parking lots, no parking lots, literally everything

  16. (Since the original post had to do with neonazis, just a PSA that Nazis are deplorable. Don't support them)

  17. Wasn't tracking this - I'm trying to find out what I can about it now.

  18. Wanna look into Fort Irwin SM’s getting laughed at every time we ask about COLA while you’re at it? That $5 gas hits hard when you have to drive an hour to get groceries because our commissary doesn’t have any….

  19. Irwin has shit commissary and even shittier restaurants. I really don't know how people manage to eat there.

  20. Spend $100 on gas to drive to Victimville so you can spend $500 on groceries every other week. Sometimes our Popeyes is open past 1700, as well so that’s always a treat.

  21. Can’t you switch the configuration from left to right? I’ve never used a baitcaster reel so pardon if i’m uninformed

  22. I’ve never done this with mead, but a couple of years ago I threw a single reaper into a 5 gal keg of chocolate milk stout and ended up with some chocolate flavored heartburn. I love heat and I love stout, but ended up bottling it up and giving it away at work after it took up a keg spot for a few months.

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