1. halo master chief collection is goated and fills the halo craving nicely

  2. just spend it at walmart lmao, they'll take anything as long as it's real enough

  3. this is unreasonably funny, maybe because I actually had to read Aristotle in college

  4. oh wow it's super glitchy on my computer lol, you would think considering all the time it took from beta to public that it would be more polished.

  5. Do not worry my child, this is the same sub which was posting pussy temperature memes a few months ago, your post is not even close to that abomination

  6. lol this character has a name, your own source says it’s Chinatsu

  7. Doesn’t charging it there put a bunch of strain on the single usb port? You got a lot of balls charging it like that

  8. Yes! This is the slippery slope into the self-hosted community. First you start by just running Jellyfin on your PC only when you want to watch tv, then you just start leaving it on all the time, then you get a dedicated laptop or raspberry pi to leave in a corner always running, then you start finding other things you could do besides Jellyfin with that thing since it's running anyway, and... Yeah. That was my path, anyhow.

  9. I started by getting a nas for a plex server and just moved it over to jellyfin when I learned about it lmao

  10. When i interviewed helpdesk at a hospital , the IT manager interviewed me with several printer connectivity questions (Pinging a printer, mapping a printer on the correct domain, adding a user to connect to the printer wirelessly, etc)

  11. yeah I would assume printer troubleshooting is one of the most important parts of the a+ in the real world, although obviously the whole point of the test is because the whole thing is important

  12. I feel like we should’ve gotten next gen 120fps already

  13. for sure, this and no cross progression is just gross that they haven't done it already

  14. But not everyone has that same mentality. Some will give in and fork over the cash if they want a game bad enough that isn’t cracked.

  15. this, I've read that a few people pirate literally just because they can, and they would just buy if they need to. Denuvo exists to make people like that pay

  16. Nooooooooo, I don't really enjoy many mobile games due to the small screen but w/ an XBOX Elite 2 controller, Apex Mobile was pretty enjoyable. I regularly won games and "wrecked" bot lobbies and I'm a Keyboard mouse player on PC. That being said, considering I do super well with a controller means the skill gap is pretty low to enter the game. My son got real good on touch and it was eye-opening to see considering I was terrible at it.

  17. Everyone needs to check the full article announcement. EA also shuttered their Battlefield Mobile development, and today was when their yearly report came out.

  18. there's absolutely no shot they're bringing console apex to mobile lmao

  19. You getting downvoted because you're asking a question that's already been answered.

  20. My jellyfin server literally has an admin account so that’s probably what his issue was

  21. I believe you can do weekly missions that gives you agates and if you don’t get to lvl10, you can keep doing them. This is just some weird person who refused to max their tree and kept doing their weekly agates missions.

  22. Where do I do them? I actually want to level the tree up but I’ve never heard of this before

  23. You realize mobile gaming is far larger than any other gaming segment, right?

  24. Yeah in revenue from in app purchases, not from purchases from “actual” gamers. They’re basically different demographics but in the same “industry”

  25. Yes, I've deleted 4 of them so far. We don't need the entire front page taken up by people posting the same link. Better to just keep discussion in one place instead of split all over the place. And this was the one posted first.

  26. oh was it really? It must've been posted right before mine cuz I swore I was first

  27. What if it turns out all of the girls with animal ears are just wearing accessories

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