1. The Dire Avenger said, as he was undermined by creatures bred in a laboratory.

  2. According to the guys lore they thought they were ultramarine successors but learned they were white scar successors when they received the primaris.

  3. Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk should go on a spaceship together and fly straight into the fucking sun.

  4. I think that at high levels, you'd also be able to tell who is wearing out of place clothes, who is uncomfortable or unfamiliar in their clothing, and whether or not they're wearing the real McCoy.

  5. I can actually see it as a religious musical. A side of him that Fulgrim and Jaghatai can appreciate.

  6. I think it was the bait and switch Zero Punctuation video on the game. From what I remember it was supposed to look like a CoD review but not really.

  7. What? You saw Jaggannath and thought of KSBD? Did you had a "Holy Shit! Is that motherfucker JoJo KSBD Reference!?"

  8. Hello there. I like science fantasy franchises like Star Wars and Warhammer 40k. I am unfortunately, not very fit but I enjoy knowing that other people are fit.

  9. Warsmith Kalkator and High Marshall Magneric come to agree that they hate xenos more than each other.

  10. Yes we are codex compliant, but we made the local forge world angry so we don't get the cool shit or heavy assets, fleet maintenance. Inquisition likes us so we often fight alongside sororitas and the inquisition often helps strong arm the forge world to repair our fleet and get us a few heavier pieces of ordnance.

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