1. Can’t believe I haven’t seen anyone mention Catfish by JD line of Klutch! That is my go to for daytime focus, definitely worth a try 😊

  2. These have all been super amazing in terms of taste and effects. I would rate them as follows, and as always, this is just my opinion.

  3. Love my catfish luster pod!!! Never tried the flower but I assume it’s just as great 😊 Currently enjoying Klutch whip it and pineapple pez luster 😋

  4. Yes, looks like a few in there, it's common for nurseries to do that to make them look bushier. At any point but certainly as they get bigger you might want to think about separating them and adding a pole, with only 1 or 2 in each.

  5. Ok thought so, thank you! My mom got me this and I’m not very familiar with these type of plants yet 😉

  6. Anyone else notice the old school corn cob pipe sitting on one of the bricks 🤔 had to zoom in on it lol

  7. I haven’t tried that one yet but currently enjoying the klutch jealousy apricot gelato right now but anxious to try the pineapple pz😋

  8. Went with the Triangle Mints luster and currently enjoying it and this beautiful weather 🥰

  9. The Forest in Spfd has Orange 43 live resin luster pods, just for one yesterday😉

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