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  1. It’s a green fill layer meted on top of the particles - you could select these from strongest channel and use curves or channel lies to edit

  2. Could you explain it a bit more simpler if possible please. I'm fairly new

  3. You can create selections using alpha channels take a look on you tube mate

  4. Kam Tong garden is very good for Cantonese dishes (dim sum snacks etc.) Legend one is more for Szechuan style (spicy and hot) but their sushi are not so good. There is one called Mii&U oriental near Bradwell Abbey. They are certainly the best I have tried so far.

  5. I don't know if it's "authentic" (I've never been to China) but Peter's on Coffee Hall is actually pretty good.

  6. I’m Jamaican lol but ty 💝💖

  7. Fucking hell would love to see that bent over me and tear them tight shorts open to let the peach reveal itself

  8. So beautiful would love to wake up to it every morning gently wake you with licking

  9. Would mean someone’s using the toilet and don’t want their drink to be taken by the staff

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