Chapter 177 [English]

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  1. Yes yes what stops you from saying mother, or mom? You wouldn't see a non American person call their parent "mom" or "dad" to try and sound American, sorry but that's just cringe

  2. I wonder how many rules did this cop break, quite a few I'm thinking. Seems as if he has issues, really shouldn't be in a position of authority.

  3. I can’t believe how much misinformation is out there!! Would you look at that? ANOTHER article about animal rape. What liars these people are! Rape isn’t even possible in the animal kingdom right? That’s what you said and you know everything so good lord what are we gunna do about all these liars?!

  4. Yeah i have no skin in this, just enjoying the sarcasm

  5. You just convinced me not to watch it. Hope you get past your problems one day.

  6. For what it's worth its actually a good show. Takes a few eps to settle down and then just gut punch after gut punch as it tackles topics like depression, self worth etc etc

  7. I'm somewhat fine with it, but I personally really didn't like him cheering up Dream during his fight in Hell. Felt like it was drop distracting from the moment

  8. Might be a well whoosh . Tamiami Trail is quite a big street though.

  9. They were exhausted due to getting the rub and tug four times, my dude

  10. मैं अपने भाई के पाप के लिए भगवान से माफी माँगता हूँ जो एक गाय को चोदने वाला है

  11. Love that book! Which part of this story reminded you of it though?

  12. Oh god, I might be horribly misremembering everything now since it's been years since i read the book but wasn't this story in the book itself? He had visited a planet and this story took place, no? Am i making a fool of myself?

  13. Its been awhile since i read it too but i think its not in that book but i remember reading it clearly in The Alchemist.

  14. Possible :3 I read both of them pretty close to each other

  15. Sorry I was half asleep when I wrote that. I forgot most of the people on this sub are basically retarded.

  16. Isnt this a Valorant Voiceline from Raze? "Wanna dance?, I'll lead!"

  17. Guys, i have been dying to play a game like this in the HP world. Thinking about pirating it. What's the sub's opinion on that?

  18. He means if that joke was made and the camera panned to show him like that, it isn’t funny to the characters there cause they won’t get the context only us the audience would understand making this more of a sitcom rather than mockumentary.

  19. Hmm, possible. I woild argue that it can still work, because i would see it as the mockumentary making like a tongue in cheek joke about their relationship

  20. Luffy knows blackbeard captured ace which lead to his execution. He already hates blackbeard. He attacked him on-site in impel down. I'm not saying garp survives but luffy already has reason to hate him.

  21. I honestly wonder if Luffy's emotions play a role in gear 5. Whenever he's in G5 (which hasn't been a lot of times admittedly) he's always laughing or happy, which makes me wonder if he can hit G5 when he's really angry or upset. For example if Luffy had access to G5 during Ace's death, would he have been able to maintain it during Ace dying? I can't imagine him laughing or smiling during that.

  22. The way the airline crew handled it was ridiculously stupid. Telling the victim to continue sitting in the piss-soaked seat because the only available seats were in first class and 'the captain has vetoed your upgrade'

  23. True. Pilot has no choice tho. It was company policy however the guidelines also say that the safety and comfort of passengers is first so no idea what was going through their heads

  24. Isn't the pilot of an airplane basically supreme leader during the flight?

  25. Yup. Chances are he was worried about his bosses getting pissed so he didn't break policy. Should have still broken it tho

  26. That's why I said "divisive". Honestly, thinking about it now, Spider-Man was ahead of his time. Some people see him as the hero he is and love him for it, while others read way too much made up nonsense about him, don't fact-check it, and assume he's a menace because of confirmation bias.

  27. Admittedly haven't read a lot of comics even though I've loved the character since i was kid. This might be stupid but was JJJ's newspaper really that successful in building hate towards him? Other than one of runs or so where the public is against Spidey/superhoeroes, is there any day to day hate against him? Also why would you think he's a meance when he's literally teamed up with the greatest ? Like, if. Captain America vouches for Spider-Man, you'd clearly thing JJJ was wrong, no?

  28. The short answer is yes, JJJ is fairly successful at his smear campaign against Spider-Man. I honestly can't remember "day to day hate" against him, but there are barely any "day to day love" moments that really stand out either for me.

  29. Day to day might have been the wrong term i think. I meant that's he's normally cheered by people when he swings around, never seen him getting booed by the people while swinging.

  30. No, though they do share some similarities. The 22 is larger, faster, more maneuverable, and built for pure air to air. The 35 is smaller, slower, less maneuverable, but has black magic wizardry electronics and is more of a jack of all trades (and still somehow better than everything else that isn't an F-22 at basically everything). The 22 is only used by the US Air Force, while the 35 is meant for Air Force, Navy, Marines, and even export to other allied countries. We built a little under 200 F-22s for something like $300 million apiece, while we're planning to build a couple thousand F-35s for somewhere around $80-100M each.

  31. Replying a couple of days late, but thanks for the info, super interesting stuff.

  32. and Team Cap arguably won the airport fight (their objective was achieved) with Clint on their side.

  33. He lost the 1v1 with black widow in the first Avengers movie but made up for it in Endgame by beating her

  34. Its from a spy-comedy tv series "Get Smart", I think from the 1960s. Also, "The Nude Bomb".

  35. Best part is that they filmed an alternative ending to breaking bad where it was all a dream hank had about breaking bad.

  36. Mars has water that takes less deltav to transport than Earth’s. It’s not going to be a super critical tranport chain in the future, but it is going to be a stepping stone. The real gem is Ceres for ice, but that’s far, far away

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