1. Wow thats amazing. Im shocked there arent more upvotes...

  2. it's normal, and after 6h i get the publication deleted, so give it time xd


  4. That’s cool. Is it actually build in the same order as in the Civ VI cinematic?

  5. I've always wondered: how long does it typically take from planning to the finished product to complete one of these wonder builds in Minecraft?

  6. It depends, potala palace took me 1 month and this took me 2 weeks (bcause we had several problems with our server and had to do the statue 4 times)

  7. I love how every time you post one of these, every person in the comments suddenly becomes a comedian who has the point out the fact that they exist in real life as well.

  8. Amazing bro, gg for your build !

  9. How do you automate this? Or do you manually place the bricks?

  10. wtf, i spend 1 month of my life doing this by hand and youre asking if its automatized? thats offensive :(

  11. That is so cool OP. I never had the patience for huge builds but I love seeing things like this!

  12. here comes the "potala palace from civ vi was so popular, they made it into a real thing" jokes

  13. Bro, you are in litterally every post i make, and seriously, keep doing it you make me the happiest man on earth

  14. Not literally, I would say maybe half of them? At least the content you make is quality, it makes the trolling tolerable and kind of funny lol

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