‘I like Hitler’: Kanye West praises Nazi during Alex Jones interview

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  1. Why run 93 unless tuned for 93? Shit, that’s not even available where I live. We have 85/87/91

  2. $20m is chump change for a country that deals in trillions. I’m always amazed how little is needed in lobbying and bribes to influence top tier politicians.

  3. You still have to provide enough fuel to keep it from cooling down, which isn't particularly easy. Still way easier than refrigeration I guess.

  4. I don't disagree with that sentiment. However, given the choice to pay $25 to have an inflator serviced or $18 to chuck it and put on a new one, I'll do the latter. Servicing an inflator takes knowledge, but any owner of a BCD can and should learn how to zip-tie on a new one.

  5. I’ve never heard of replacing them yourself, but if that is a thing knock yourself out. For the seven dollars, I’d rather have the peace of mind that someone professionally has done it for me.

  6. This would be the equivalent of taking your car to the dealership to get the oil changed. There’s absolutely no need to have a professional do it, assuming you are even remotely competent.

  7. Maybe we do different types of diving. Might be fine for you to have an issue at 15 m but when I’m down at 50 m I’m not taking anything to chance. Every single part of my gear is gonna be looked at and looked after by a professional

  8. Don’t worry Reddit is obsessively anti-anything that’s vaguely commercial. It’s become a place for teens to complain how much the world sucks now

  9. We did it during covid already. You couldn't buy more than one of various items due to chronic shortage. It's not telling them what to do with what they bought, it's regulating the buying itself and then the rates levied on properties.

  10. It’s not COVID anymore. Fuck I hate this stupid idealist nonesense on Reddit. ITs nOt fAIr!!! I’m Pretty left wing but this communist nonsense you gotta share it around bullshit is just teenage. Grow up

  11. The irony is that I'm not at all left wing but I see the need here. We are talking about those who are millionaires getting more wealth versus getting people living in tents in to a roof over their heads. There are other ways for people to build wealth that doesn't create such a huge problem for poorer people.

  12. You are seriously, suggesting people are forced to rent their properties out that they own?

  13. My god people here complain a lot. Not enough stuff going on, too much stuff going on

  14. You can have stuff on and not fuck with infrastructure at the same time, they aren't mutually exclusive.

  15. Get over it. Same whingers were complaining There was a party on Bondi Beach at night time as if people are gonna be using the beach then

  16. This is scary. There is a large groundswell of antisemitism sweeping america at the moment, this is not a lone mentally unwell person - but he is a person who can spark a fire. The holocaust didn’t start with loading jews into gas chambers, it started like this.

  17. It's not antisemitism... It's pro evangelical. USA as a secular country is so close to being done.

  18. Of course it’s antisemitism. If it’s anti-Jewish it’s antisemitism you should read up what is happening at the moment it is not being reported widely

  19. You’re still here? Well come on by and get some fake doors. Read our slogan here and here, also this one.

  20. Not difficult, let say you have 580g of onions, and you want to ferment them in 2% salt, you just need to make the simple calculation:

  21. I saved your comment because with the endless debate and arguments over ratios. This is the first one that actually was simple and made sense to me. Thanks

  22. It may have been an owl. Owls prefer to eat the brains and livers of animals. I've never seen it, but that's what I've been told. That also means there is a large population of rabbits or no lack of food for the owl when they are selective like that.

  23. And dozens of extremely antisemitic comments on the main

  24. Hi train fan here, not really, its more about rtbu safety concerns with cameras and one person operation.

  25. It's about safety and pay. The government is trying to cut a job and externalise the cost in the form of less safety.

  26. I’m not arguing with you, that’s my point. Also not convinced it’s less safe, every time there is technology advances. People freak out, but mainly because people don’t like change. It’s a Camera and the view should be exactly the same as someone looking out the carriage door. It’s tried and tested overseas, see how it goes.

  27. 100% agree. Understand that mods are mainly incredibly cringy nerds who were bullied at school and have a sense of misplaced power here that they use to ban people and make themselves feel better about their childhood

  28. Rent increase is fair at the moment, repairs are not (even if you caused it) - this is part of wear and tear.

  29. Yeah while financially crippling no complaints re the rent.

  30. Yeah renting sucks. You need to decide if you’re going to be right or homeless. You’ll spend more than $250 on finding a new place but I’d definitely get advice from DFT and then show them you don’t have to pay

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