1. There’s that cooling effect. Warm cum just can’t compete🔥🔥

  2. What needs to be filled first, the coffee or something else? Will ensure both are done but order is up to you!

  3. We can stay in bed as long as you like. I got no where to be 😊❤

  4. It is a fun type day, right?! lol Next time you help me whip it out 😉😏

  5. Where you heading? We can start whenever you like. As long as we can hump all day 😈😋

  6. I'm laying here and thinking about laying with you 😉❤

  7. Sorry you’ve been feeling poorly, climb on & I’ll nurse you back to health💋❤️🔥🍒. Looking very delicious🔥👅😊.

  8. Get well soon, I wish you all the best and OMG your eyes 😍😍😍

  9. I'd love to. Just lay back, and I'll take care of this. 😋

  10. Didn’t mean to offend, just looks like there is a third nipple under your right boob

  11. That is a scar. Have had it my entire life (story is pinned on my profile)

  12. Oh good. Wouldn't wanna have to knock your door down 😋😋

  13. I'd at least try not to. Can't be on my A game all the time 😋

  14. Yes, It most certainly would be! 😊 My tip would enjoy your titties very much 😘😈

  15. If i woke up to this, I'd be wondering if I was still dreaming. 😘

  16. Belated Happy Monday sexy! 😘Tits and coffee on a platter…..Loving it!

  17. It would definitely work better that way. 😈

  18. Indeed, though I would enjoy the feeling of you wrapping your arms around me from behind and exploring my body 😊

  19. this pic had me momentarily wondering; who is the demure lass in blue? where is Aussie and her wonderful nipples?

  20. If you look closely you can see them 😋 if not, you'll see them again in bout half hour

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