Daily Discussion Thread | January 12, 2023

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  1. Not true. They shorted it into oblivion.... It's less short than before sure but still not going bankrupt

  2. Idk anymore. Bullet swaps expired. DOOMPS expired. Overall market went down, where’s their collateral?

  3. Yes when dilution was 10%, not double the float. However, this really matters as to when the offering is completed. I hope to god it’s not done at current levels

  4. So were the interest payments paid? I keep seeing conflicting info

  5. Keep in mind 2 board members RC Ventures put on the board are still there.

  6. Yes but to me it looks like they’re just keeping a job and hopefully trying their best. I’m not looking too much into this

  7. Are they lending though if the title says “votable shares”?

  8. I hold bbby and GME and I appreciate the tinfoil. I look forward to it, actually.

  9. My 5 dollar calls for last Friday expired so got more for this Friday 😂😅

  10. Usually commission and decent base, plus bonuses. My partner also gets a lot of Amazon points as bonuses (tax free, lol). Agencies won't generally set you up to fail, I know someone who is just starting out and is getting a $60k base plus commission for the first year, then it starts to taper down to $40k plus the commission and bonus by the end of the second year. LCOL area.

  11. That’s nice to know. Are these jobs generally remote or in office?

  12. In our area, generally in office and sometimes at the client's place of business if needed. ( Like sales calls, but never cold calling). WFH is more like as needed, if a kid is sick or something.

  13. Good to know. Here’s to hoping my area is different 😂

  14. Oh shit boys, Pulte and infinitetruth got me hype for tomorrow. If it pops tomorrow, I feel like this confirms RC as Infinite.

  15. I’ve been thinking infinite may be DFV’s brother? 👀

  16. No clue, all my money is in GME with the rest in BBBY. I got no money to test it 😂😂

  17. I don't know if he holds shares but he's definitely active on RC's twitter and defended him when RC sold his stake back in August.

  18. The first university was founded by a Muslim women. Being educated is very important in Islam.

  19. It’s sad the ignorant comments are shown on the top while this one, which is truthful, is hidden beneath the racism.

  20. An M&A deal is material information that has to be published in an 8K within 4 days.

  21. Not OP, I understand your comment but what makes us think anything happened within the last 4 days so that the timer started?

  22. Then they have 4 trading days to announce it. (This is vital information that cannot be hidden from investors)

  23. What do we think started this 4 day timer that I keep reading about?

  24. Is there a difference between sorting by new vs. live?

  25. think they’d announce this info pre market, market hours, or post market? Hoping to buy at least one more dip so I can have the pleasure of watching it rebound again.

  26. I’m out of the loop this weekend. We got merger Monday tomorrow hopefully which is potentially backed by gift cards no longer being sold?

  27. I got $5 calls expiring today, wish me luck 🥲🥲

  28. I would like an NFT dividend in honor of todays 2 year anniversary 😇

  29. Yes. But we have already thought the same about last week. Honestly nobody knows when it will finally blow up. Could be this week, yes, but hedgies aren't that dumb and they will try to get us down again.

  30. Reg sho and the swaps expiring apply to this week though, correct?

  31. As is understand, yes, but reg sho didn't help us at any point last time... Let's see. I hope this ends soon. 😂 Or at least we are trading at double digits for some weeks so that I can relax more.

  32. I got $5 calls for this Friday, hoping double digits this week 😅😅

  33. What if the NFT dividend we receive (if ever) is something that will be utilized in the buck the bunny game? 👀

  34. Halal doesn’t mean it’s not mass produced or the animals are treated better for slaughter. It’s a way that the animal is slaughtered i.e. not stunned before slaughtered.

  35. It’s a more humane way of slaughter if that makes sense? They are to be away from other animals to not cause psychological damage to them witnessing it, from the neck so the blood is drained and the pain is minimal, etc.

  36. Has anyone considered that because RC initially couldn’t come to an agreement with BBBY for the BuyBuyBaby, that he took on a Thanos approach and has decided to just do it himself? TEDDY could just be his inception to take market share of the baby space and plan to buy out BuyBuyBaby when the time comes. Just a random thought.

  37. He created Teddy under the standstill agreement which isn’t allowed (if I recall correctly) - therefore, BBBY is aware and might be working alongside him

  38. Instead of rolling swaps, can’t they just create new ones?

  39. Ichan earnings is around feb 24, who's to say if there is a ma connection... that it would likely be announced then right?

  40. Board also has interest payment due Feb 1, some have said here that it's best they would announce before this day... I think so too

  41. About 1,000 books, $.50 each. Worth buying? 👀

  42. Yea I didnt know the trademark dated before he even he entered a position. Imo that implies theres 100% somethings thats gonna happen, with or without the gamma ramp. Id love to hit the ramp then load back up afterwards for a M/A. His plan is over a year in the works. Would love to see it all come to fruition.

  43. His work is done if you watched his GMEDD interview. We just have to wait 🙇‍♂️

  44. I don’t, they should wait for real numbers, nothing sub $20

  45. They are adding up to $11 on the option chain that expire tomorrow.

  46. Please let’s blast through and start this gamma squeeze 🙏🙏 my initial target was $10 for EOW now it’s $11.50 minimum

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