1. -pee standing up -sit on the nasty gross pissed on seat

  2. Same sometimes. Depends on my mood. I hate it tho, I only want to be sexualized if I consent. I hate being sexualized without my consent. It’s disgusting. If that all makes sense…

  3. It’s not real it’s not real it’s not real it’s not real

  4. People missing me up with my brother feels the same… we don’t even look alike…

  5. 👉👈 honestly i should have just made it a gender nonspecific meme now that i think about it

  6. I'm only anxious about the idea of coming out to my dad really, not much general anxiety.

  7. Alright, that’s good. Well, good as in - you know what I mean… I hope hehe

  8. I am, in fact three in a human shaped trench coat

  9. I like how easy it is to be enby: I don't have to do any particular thing to be valid and still get to have freedom in gender expression. It's awesome!

  10. (Auralyn now lol) It does seem quite nice, not being restricted. I really like being fem, but the freedom of being enby is amazing! Alo is still coming to terms with it, and that’s why she feels like she’s invalid, because they lean fem.

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