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  1. I always suggest letting honey sit in a 1.5F for a day because yeast go crazy for it and you get this as well as crazy sediment.

  2. Oh interesting! So you would let it sit for a day, then strain it and do the last fermentation?

  3. Yup. I do that with all of mine, but it’s paramount with honey.

  4. Yeah I honestly would guess that that isn’t safe for booch.

  5. I was thinking this might have been due to honey but if the same thing happened with your sugar one it may be your scoby has been contaminated. I’d grab a couple bottles of GT Raw and use that as your starter on a new batch. Make sure you clean that vessel very well to ensure nothing gets into the next batch.

  6. Yeah I have some scobys nearby from a commercial brewery that are super strong I’m just gonna restart. Also gonna cover everything i use to prevent airborne yeast.

  7. I dislike most shous. One exception is W2T Brown Sugar. Waffles is also pretty good.

  8. One of the ones I tried was waffles. It was definitely alright but not nearly as good as the raws I’ve had.

  9. Try brown sugar and see if that makes a difference?

  10. Thanks for the suggestion I’ll give it a try!

  11. I know it! It’s the damn hops lol. Before they broke down it was the most vibrant orange.

  12. Another reason I suggest 3F, and dry hopping with whole leaf hops.

  13. Can you expand on this? I want to try hops soon

  14. Since I don’t enjoy over bitterness I use whole leaf hops and dry hop my booch with about a half cup / half ounce for a day in the vessel (also adding any additional ingredients at this point. Then strain for bottles.

  15. Sugar is sugar, it makes very little difference if it’s in the shape of white granules or a syrup like honey. If you’re gaining weight it’s because you’re consuming more calories than you’re burning. If this bothers you the only solution is to exercise more or to eat less, but I doubt the kombucha is contributing much to this at all.

  16. Yeah if you’re making your kombucha yourself there are ways to get the sugar content close to zero and still get a good flavor, and in those cases science and experience show it normally helps a little in favor of weight loss (green tea and organic acids often balance blood sugar and decrease overactive appetites).

  17. The flavor profile meshes considerably better. Bergamot is light, floral, citrus. All undertones of Ceylon. Assam is bold, malty, etc. that takes away from or hides the bergamot which isn’t too strong unless said brand is using a ton of “natural flavors”.

  18. Thank you!!! Those sound delicious! For the “Christmas Tree”, did you infuse your F2 with the whole spices and strain whenever you drank them (just left them in)? Or did you use ground/powdered versions of those spices? I’d so be interested in your recipe or ratio for that one!!

  19. So back then I used to put things in the bottles and strain, but nowadays I do 1.5F, which I would suggest. Every time I’ve tried powdered spices I get viscous booch and huuuuuge yeast strands, so I suggest whole or chips.

  20. What's your 1.5F process? are you taking the 1F and infusing it with the whole ingredients in the fridge, then straining that flavoured 1F and doing regular 2F?

  21. Yeah I’ve done the 1.5F in the fridge and also at room temp, depends on what time you catch your 1F and if you want the ingredients to begin fermenting. Also how much sugar you added / need for F2.

  22. Keep a hotel with tea, then experiment. Rooibos and Hibiscus tend to have enough vitamins and minerals.

  23. Huh, that lead me down a rabbit hole; I had no idea that sassafras was banned as a food additive. I’ve made root beer kombucha with Watkins concentrate for the kids (12+) in my family, if you were still looking for a non FDA banned method, lol.

  24. Yeah it was used in the production of Ectsasy, so then a single super old and over exaggerated study in mice claiming it caused cancer was enough to get it made illegal.

  25. I don't. I highly value carbonation so I choose not to. I do often cover with a towel as I open to be sure I don't make a mess.

  26. Was this refrigerated for 10 hrs prior?

  27. What would determine glucoronic quantity?

  28. What do you mean? As far as measuring it you’d need a lab test but my point is that you can get a fermented and low ph beverage that is less sour due to less acetic acid.

  29. How long does this size batch take and is it continuous?

  30. Just a tip, if you keep getting a lot of ugly yeast like this as early as day 3, you may be favoring the yeast and need to make sure your heat wrap is higher up on your vessel, or looser.

  31. Thanks for that tip! I actually have the wrap in the upper 1/3 of the jar, but the thermometer does read somewhere between 75-80. So maybe I do need to loosen it up a little.

  32. I mean me personally I want as much booch as fast as possible, I would leave it and maybe just strain your starter fluid. As long as it continues to taste good!

  33. It's just that most things I find have you brew a batch of flavoured kombucha. That's the issue. I'm not brewing batches, I'm doing continuous. So I'm not sure how to flavour it. Have you found any methods that would work for that?

  34. There’s really no difference, you’ll just take kombucha out of your CB and flavor it in bottles or (suggested) flavor it for 18 hrs+ then strain into bottles. The big book of kombucha by kombucha Kamp is a good resource for both brewing and flavoring ideas.

  35. Pellicle will speed up the process, though unnecessary. In my experience, sometimes the presence of the pellicle also reduces new pellicle growth.

  36. If I were in your situation I'd read totally just read the Bible study Neville Goddard and create a whole Magick system based off Christianity and chaos. From what I find 99% of Christians really have absolutely no idea wtf they are talking about and set the bar rather low. So you can become the expert on these things in your home and they can't really do a damn thing.

  37. This is actually a genius solution. Make sure you stay objective and do what works for you/find your own way still. I find that while Neville had the right idea, a lot of new age thinking is missing big pieces of the puzzle.

  38. I’m actually pretty surprised with the outcome. I was definitely expecting a slower ferment. Does it taste different? It must be that the dissolved oxygen is enough for the short cycle.

  39. I was also surprised, as most people seem to advise that Kombucha needs a lot of air, but another Redditor had mentioned in a comment that the bacteria needs relatively little gas exchange to thrive, so I decided to test that assertion.

  40. Nice! That’s good to know. As long as there is adequate starter and heat, the open surface area isn’t needed. I’d think that for people who keep hotels, the open air may be necessary since they sit for substantially longer and the dissolved oxygen may get used up in that case.

  41. Can be due to foreign bacteria or yeast autolysis. Filter the liquid in the container, if it doesn’t work out over time it’s foreign bacteria/yeast.

  42. This is what happens with Jun / honey kombucha. The ferment starts so fast that the yeast grasps honey and honey starts solidifying in the acidic conditions. To avoid it you’ll have to 1.5F

  43. I can't seem to find info about 1,5F in the sidebar info, could you tell me more about it or point me in the right direction?

  44. Remove whatever starter/pellicle you need to save, flavor the batch (or decide it, whatever), and let us ferment. Most people do 24 hours but it can be more or less depending on the materials. Then strain into bottles.

  45. Ya, my Jun seems so much more potential than my booch. I love how the pellicle gets so much thicker.... when I made a hotel for em they did try to escape!

  46. Yeah I loved watching the progress of my Jun. it bubbles and makes huge pellicles. I get that it ferments faster, but even after a while my kombucha pellicles are never that big.

  47. Willing to send out a layer? I lost my jun when I moved, sadly.

  48. Fasting, breath work, mantras. I’ve never seen this not work.

  49. Ok. Care to expand a little from personal experience? Are we talking prolonged breath work or mantra during meditation? How long and what is it normally like for you?

  50. The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner is a good start.

  51. Use a minimum of 2 strong cups starter, sterilize your materials, make strong tea and cool it down with excess water until you’ve made your (little less than) a gallon. Also make sure your tea has cooled down to below 90 degrees f before adding starter. Do all that and there’s almost no way you get mold.

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