1. I just bought this too based on the dispensary recommendation. Not worth the hype at all. 14.15 grams of the smallest buds I have ever seen. Barely weighed 14 grams so they threw a 1 inch stem in there to make weight. No taste at all. The terps listed were impressive but no effect at all. I am very high tolerance so not basing opinion on that, just disappointed with the appearance and taste most of all. Won't be buying certified again. For the same price point I have never been disappointed in Buckeye products

  2. I really like the containers from Ohio Clean Leaf halves. Easy to open flip top black plastic. You can fit 6 in a regular shoe box with a small tray on top. I normally add 3 humidity packs around the inside perimeter and fill the middle with up to 28 grams of flower. I then label the top with the strain.

  3. This exact thing has happened to me with a Klutch product. I contacted Klutch through their website, attaching photos of the product, along with a copy of my receipt. It took a week or so for them to respond by email and offered to send a prepaid visa card for the amount of the purchase. They said keep the product as it was still usable. Have not dealt with Verano but method should be the same. Dispensary advised I contact Klutch as they were unable to assist in any way. No products can be opened in the dispensary even after you pay for it. It's a crap shoot every time. Fortunately it has only happened to me once.

  4. I agree with all the above listed comments about the Mighty. Love It. I do however have 2 Crafty+ units that I use way more. One reason: They stand up with out assistance. Whoever though putting a round bottom on the Mighty and using the tool to make it stand? Duh. Hopefully changed that by now.

  5. What do you mean the crafty+ taste better?

  6. It's really just a matter of preference. I can vape the same flower in each device, but to me, I like the taste in the Crafty+ better. The temperatures can be adjusted on each device so you can tweak it to your liking. If I hadn't done side by side testing, I would be happy with either device.

  7. Galenas is absolute trash. People like it but I have no idea how. Especially for the money you pay, there are way better options available. Organic doesnt always mean better, or cleaner. It's a trendy buzzword these days and for it me means nothing. Does it really matter if its grown in soil or not? Galenas uses pesticides by the way, not that it matters to me that much, but you can see that they do on the Botanist handout with all of the companies listed with what pesticides they currently use. Woodward has a far better product and so does Klutch, and Woodward uses no pesticides.

  8. I totally agree. I have tried lilac diesel, 2nd breakfast, snowball. Snowball is the only 1 I liked. The buds looked decent and ground fine, but terrible peppery flavor. I think I have tried all the brands. IMO for bud density (trichomes and flower, not stem) as well as flavor and effects, I like Klutch, Woodward, Buckeye Relief, and Riviera Creek. I also like Ohio Clean Leaf for flavor and effects, however their center bud stems are quite large. This is not a super complaint because their buds are larger than the above listed brands and normally come in 14 gram containers (containers are also great because easy to open and large enough to fit the smaller jars with some bovedas in to moisten).

  9. MAC1 by Klutch all the way. Even though it doesn't have much of a taste compared to Ice Cream Cake or Sherbhead, it's way better than Galenas. With the exception of Snowball from Galenas, they all taste very peppery in flavor, not at all as described. Also, the buds from Klutch are always tight and dense. Galenas imo is a much looser bud on larger stems. Half oz from Klutch is hard to find, you can pick up Galenas anytime.

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