1. AI bots on tiktok generate videos designed to hold people's attention. What they came up with was playing family guy clips with subway surfers clips side by side. They have become a meme that makes fun of the modern day short attention span and how we are doomed as a society because of it.

  2. short edit of some of my footage. shot on a sony trv-480 and hc-21. digitized via firewire adapters and quicktime on mac

  3. i film family events and whatever i think is cool. my favorite footage is some i got a fine arts museum. i like to make little edits with it all. i try to capture a liminal dream like vibe

  4. very excited. no need for a criterion

  5. thought criterion enjoyers might like this

  6. hi i just got my final offer for the internship in the RMS division for the fms program, any tips on what to expect

  7. i just got one for DCP. really excited for it. good luck!

  8. he had been dying for 5+ years. he had mental things to fight beyond drugs.

  9. Favorite - Waking Life. It's my all-time favorite film and an absolute masterpiece. The Before trilogy is close behind.

  10. I was a sophomore in college. I remember buying it right when it came out and listening all the way through. I thought to myself every single song is incredible. Granted then I got to Swing on This 😂

  11. i actually like swing on this a little. it makes me feel like i am walking into a 1800s swampy saloon and it is full of frogs and other animals wearing suits.

  12. you should check out water lilies (2007). it’s céline sciamma’s first film.

  13. they’re amazing. i love how they are constantly evolving and trying new things

  14. i love the inside artwork on it. i reverse image searched it and found out it’s by JJ Grandville

  15. the crow is a legendary movie

  16. Yes. Ownership is making a comeback, people are realizing they no longer want to “own nothing and be happy”, look at NFT’s for example. Plus the audio quality, physical copy, and opportunity for physical art are all pro’s for cd.

  17. exactly. i have noticed that my generation (gen z) seems to care a lot about owning media in general. cds, books, dvds…

  18. both of these are useful imo. what you can do to increase your marketability is get involved with lots of clubs and organizations. use the resources offered at your college to your advantage. also make sure to network a lot.

  19. you need the thunderbolt 3->2 adapter and the 2->9 pin firewire adapter. then you need a 9 pin to 4 pin firewire cable. then plug that chain into your mac/camcorder and use QuickTime Player to transfer

  20. I don't understand all these movies getting made that I want to see and the fucking things can't be found in a single theater when there's dozens around me.

  21. same. i really wanted to see this in theaters but not a single one in a hundred mile radius had it. and i’m in a big city

  22. a film that i thought criterion fans could appreciate

  23. i don’t. they’re just randomly on my shelf

  24. blue velvet cause it was my introduction to him. i blind bought the criterion solely based off the cool packaging. it was a surprise, but a good one

  25. it’s possible. once i found a sealed blu ray copy of dazed and confused for $2. don’t know how it ended up there but i was happy to buy it

  26. it sounds like your happy so no need to change. i will say though that growth happens when you are out of your comfort zone. there are many great people to meet and things to experience.

  27. gilliam always does a great job of making his sets look like they’re from a dream. everything is way out of proportion and larger than life.

  28. Paul mescal is my favorite actor working today.

  29. i believe that this movie deserves a spot in the collection however it shouldn’t be a priority. criterion’s resources should go to other films that need restorations first

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