1. I love how it says “Biden supporter” as if Republicans are climbing over themselves to support low-income housing too.

  2. Biden supporters are the ones who put on the act of caring for the working class.

  3. That’s why I said act. Blocking low-income housing isn’t caring for the working class. Learn how to read before responding to comments.

  4. One on the left the product of a beautiful couple.. On the right we have the creation of an unknown species that is the direct result of a ginger and a clown hooking up..

  5. The BMW is the better looking of the two

  6. No one ever wanted to work. People only work when they determine that the reward is worth the work. The reward side of the equation has slowly been eroded over years and is reaching a tipping point where it is no longer worth the work. What’s the point in putting extra effort into a job that has no promotion potential, no job security, low pay, micromanagement, no pension, and will never pay enough to build any wealth for yourself?

  7. I’m not home so I wouldn’t know about it

  8. It seems that workers may be deciding that if there's a "labor shortage," job dissatisfaction is high, the pandemic proved employers could be more flexible, and pay increases aren't on the table, then they will take their time back instead.

  9. Don’t forget the insane inflation in housing. If your job will never afford you a house, why work so hard?

  10. Looks like your daughter didn’t make the nice list

  11. She’s recording herself talking. When it sounds like she’s talking to someone, she’s anticipating what her haters are going to say about her online once the video is released so she’s preemptively responding to them.

  12. This is why I like carpet on stairs. I don’t care if carpet is “out” slippery surface on stairs makes me nervous

  13. My local 3-4 cheesecakes all appear this way. The staff act and dress in a specific way without name tags like normal chain restaurants do to appear more classy. The food is double the price of other chains but half the portion size, and tastes the same. The interior decorum is very “classy” and clean, with marble flooring and random columns everywhere.

  14. What other chain restaurants are you going to where the portion sizes are double that of Cheesecake Factory?

  15. gosh i made like such a cute sim once and i always let them choose their own likes/dislikes and she just kept on wanting old, bald men

  16. Never. It’s more fun playing a wealthy sim when there’s a backstory as to how they got there.

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