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  1. All fdm? It's so crazy good! How many pieces is it printed in? Also, is the foam filling at risk of cracking it as it expands or anything? I've been too scared to try it for that reason πŸ˜†

  2. Yeah all FDM in my own brand of filament. I allow for it to expand by giving it some time to cure and then expand out of a hole. I then cut the foam off and close it up with monocure incredafill. We've found foam to provide alot more strength and give the model more weight making it feel like a better product if that makes sense.

  3. I didn't think you had to leave FDM to cure... what am I missing here? I'm only used to using PLA for reference.

  4. The expandable foam that I put in the 3D prints needs to cure as it continually expands over a 24 period.

  5. Compete reasonable, its quality work! Would you expand to any other models in a similar style?

  6. I'm struggling just to get a piece not warped, lol. Thought I printed a bunch of mini bottles and some turned out well.

  7. Yeah boi, I had some issues in the beginning with the screen and the JW33 cable but sorted all that now.

  8. Curious on time it took to print the parts and filament type. Thank you, fantastic work.

  9. Printed him on 2 ender 5 plus, 1 prusa mini and 1 Peopoly Phenom L printer. Total print time was around 1500 hours. Printed in my own brand of PLA+ called Nova and used monocure resin for some of the parts.

  10. Just curious, what is luban? I Googled it and got a bunch of stuff about anti-inflammatories. Not sure that applies to this model though…

  11. Also curious how luban would have helped in this process if OP were to do it over.

  12. I would have used the program to Hollow out the model and then used the cut function instead of cutting it out in Prusa Slicer. Would have saved me on Filament and printing time.

  13. Yeah, Design is from a 3D model website but I enlarged the model by around 1000% and printed it all out piece by piece. 3000 hours of printing and a whole lot of time sanding and painting and it's finally done!

  14. Thanks! I tagged him in it when I posted it on instagram but it didn't really get much response.

  15. I really hate hearing the sound effect of putting shields on when people leave the dropship. My ranked queue times are feeling kind of long, hopefully they will get faster in the next day or two as people rank up. Also, I keep hearing the voice lines from teammates telling me where they want to go, but I see no ping marker.

  16. The voice line is from your team mates marking the extractor sites. It marks it on there screens but not yours.

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