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  1. Kenny got mad someone PFOF'd him before he could do it himself

  2. At the very least PvM should drop goods that still need to be processed and not finished materials.

  3. Dollar Milkshake or Endgame? I can't remember which but man these DD writers can be spooky.

  4. So FINRA's head of enforcement steps down the day before FINRA SI data comes out? Tin Foily.

  5. I'd use void for the dps boost, double check the monsters to make sure they have low range def?

  6. I haven't bothered getting void yet as I was going to wait until I had the total for elite void but that's a long way off.

  7. Well even basic void is useful, and it’s a trade off then, you’ll have to wait longer for mobs or get hit more.

  8. Should swap RCs face with Michael Fassbender too lol

  9. Omfg everyone’s memes have me fucking rolling today. Solid.

  10. The ranged weapon with melee spec is tough unless it’s an up close special of some kind.

  11. The assassin had the sword bow. We need to take him out and get it 🗿

  12. Been waiting for a usable swordbow in game for decades it feels like now!

  13. Just go ham on the quests, it sucks sometimes but then you take breaks with things you actually enjoy.

  14. Honestly as Minor as this is, it might help with some of the "red prison" fatigue a lot of Ironmen go through

  15. As a main, I offer my condolences, colors really affect mood and I can't stand the red prison. Would love being able to change it.

  16. well mainly because staring at red angry room doesn't help my mood, but I would also love for a PoH style.

  17. For being a lawless wild place, it sure has a lot of fucking rules lol.

  18. the mystic cards released in game is what they're pointing to as the teaser.

  19. Let me be a damn combat medic. I just want to heal my friends, boost their stats without pot sharing, and have a healer type role. We already have a tank / dps role, but nothing pure healing/remedy style of play.

  20. I like it, I've always wanted a healer that was basically just attacking my friends but helping them.

  21. Why has summoning sailed? - only skill I’d want back tbh.

  22. I think it could be implemented through the spellbooks better, perhaps an extension of thralls etc and doesn't need to be a horrendous pouch making simulator.

  23. Idk why people are stuck on the idea that they would implement summoning the exact same. Think of summoning just as the concept of having familiars and what can be done with that, rather than the silly pouch making and the specific summons that used to exist.

  24. then why on earth does it need to be a skill instead of an ingame mechanic? Summoning falls under magic IMO and Arceuus embraces that.

  25. lol if you make me take apart shit, just to put it back together for 60k/xp an hour you might just make a skill worthy of my hatred of RC.

  26. Or throw everyone for a loop: expand range, magic and prayer so there’s two of each offensive combat styles, prayers and defensive stats.

  27. Haha, this reminds me of the Loch Ness monster. Just one thing is different: the monster has no ears!

  28. That's right. I said, "I ain't givin' you no tree-fitty, you goddamn Loch Ness Monster! Get your own goddamn money!"

  29. Might be mocking CEO’s for trying to look like Steve Jobs. GME might be about to drop their iPhone. A groundbreaking product that will change the world.

  30. I like the idea that a consumer shattering announcement might be on the horizon.

  31. I guess 737s will never be able to operate from gravel strips then. Engines even closer to the ground.

  32. lol designs a bulky gravel kit that ruins the radar profile

  33. It would probably never happen but I would play a TCG inside OSRS. I'd settle for cards like these as a combat weapon.

  34. You are the one talking about “Dutch option” so…. According to your theory…. You are the one introducing this psy op.

  35. They shouldn't touch Varlamore until they finish the Kourend rework, they started it over 3 years ago and are barely halfway done. And until there are at least 5 - 10 quests of varying difficulty (beginner - hard) the area should remain a black void.

  36. Imo Kourend could still use another 50% size reduction at least. Same with Prif, these big ass cities with nothing in them but wasting run energy.

  37. You seem to have poor listening and comprehension skills and no Runelite plugin will help with that unfortunately.

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