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  1. I got this as a freebie awhile ago and the plant ended up getting seeds. At first I was a little upset but then I realized exactly what I had which was more of the strain and I've grown the strain about I think about five times now without ever getting another seed so I definitely consider myself lucky because I still have about 30 seeds of it.

  2. CDLC is sometimes terp wise overpowering in crosses. CDLC Skywalker was a good mix of the two. Potency wise it’s there.

  3. Had a lot of orders for Ghost Toof so I think some of the older meph heads took the opportunity to restock up.

  4. It's pretty simple. The Mephisto sub has been around for 2 1/2 years longer, they were active on AFN for years before that, and they've been around for much longer.

  5. Been growing since my kids were that age. They helped water. I just called them herbs plants and They’ve never asked or cared more.

  6. He’s referring to the blue micro x purple pope = purple micro

  7. Thank you sir! Without your assistance in the beginning, I would’ve just quit growing. I appreciate it…

  8. I might not be active as much on Reddit but I’m pretty much always available to help when needed via dm or IG. People get worked up when contests come around but seeing other people have success is pretty damn rewarding. Better question how was she once cured?

  9. I’m sorry man, I thought I replied lol She was great after the cure, but I gave most of it away, had some friends in need. Just got my strawberry cheesequake & chem ‘n juicy yesterday. Hbu?

  10. Same. Came on Monday! Not my go to terp wise but happy to try new plants!

  11. Nice nice. Dessert Isle is one I've not yet tried, but heard good things about, and always looks dank. If you're on mobile, look to the right side of a comment and you'll see the up/down arrows for voting. Just to the left of that, is the reply button. When you hit reply you'll be replying to the comment in question. That way anyone reading the thread knows it was in response to that person's comment. If you already knew this, please don't take offense, I noticed your account was a little more young and reddit was weird when I first joined up years ago too. Figured I'd share a piece of knowledge. Hope you have a good grow bud!

  12. 2 x JBC’s, a Biggie Fry & a large Cho. Frosty pls

  13. I try and find 6 with common lineage so I can see how they differ when run together.

  14. 2014 "Concept Car" Dunk High #313171-103. Got the same pair.

  15. Same. I wear them infrequently but they are a good looking pair in person.

  16. How was Roswell Cookies? Favor and effects? How does she compare to ther other Night Owl strains?

  17. I haven’t broke it out from cure yet. Still feels too damp for smoking will update.

  18. Been smoking on her while my other plants cure. Straight blueberry fire. Good smoke great terps. Enjoy and congrats on the Win!

  19. Happy to say that hair or fur. Your good to smoke it but I’d figure out how it got there.

  20. Strains matter a lot when you’re growing it. I never saw the same stuff twice at depos or via the 🔌

  21. How long do you wait after topping to LST?

  22. Leaves look fine looks like it’s fighting itself for space and some of the fans got stuck. Otherwise looks great

  23. Is that where u decided to keep them from there on?

  24. This is what my grow shop told me to do...

  25. The bacteria from the dunks kills the eggs and prevents breeding.

  26. Variegation. Grew a plant with one while cola without cholorphyl

  27. Dank earthy with some berry terps. Wasn’t my favorite smoke produced well. Still have 1/2 a grove bag.

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