1. Question: was the ball catchable at 0:03? Instead of waiting for the bounce I mean. Rewatching it a few times, it does look like the opponent would've been ready for that based on where they put their car, so now I'm wondering if you planned to fake on the first bounce or not.

  2. The first ball? Maybe, but a fake there is better to give yourself some space to be able to control.

  3. Meant at 0:03, after the pinch off the wall, it looked like they were going to catch it before it bounced, but instead faked to catch it after. My concern with that is up until the "fake" (not convinced that was the plan here) he didn't have vision on where the opponent was. I feel like if I tried to catch it after the bounce, an aggressive opponent would push for an aerial (and I'd be super flat footed/out of position at that point)

  4. No i don’t think that catch was possible. It looks like if he tried to catch it there the same thing that happened a second later would’ve happened and the ball would’ve rolled away from him.

  5. Bloodhound wearing a bikini or swim trunks but still wearing the helmet/mask.

  6. Or just wearing the swim wear over their normal armor.

  7. I fucking loved the game, one of the best games ever imo. I only beat it once LOL

  8. This shit was really painful in God of War Ragnarok, I think I never felt it more than here. Maybe it's because I know it's useless now in PS5 but there are so much of them. Like it probably add to a few hours on the overall playthrough lol (50 hours and close to 100% but not yet)

  9. I thought this too at first. It was frustrating, but then I noticed they spent that time on dialogue. So they’re getting some lore in which is nice.

  10. Vader's gotta be number 1 for me. I love that it's not a fight, Vader is an unstoppable force and you're just trying to get the hell out.

  11. I loved when Vader appeared because it showed just how out of your league he is and you’re only thought can be “now what?”

  12. As someone who also plays under the influence of the devil’s lettuce, I 100% do this as well.

  13. I really want to pick this up for the new GoW but this 500$ is going to a GPU upgrade after RDNA3 comes out, and the PS5 would probably end up as a dust collector after I finish playing GoW anyway

  14. If you’re only interested in GoW might as well wait a few years for it to be on PC.

  15. I still can't believe I haven't spent money on it. It's fucking phenomenal. But then ofc there's that community "wElL thErE wAS tHAt OnE TiMe whErE I cOuLDn't hEAr tHE FooTStEPs aNd THen i DiEd" boo freakin hoo dude. Like point, shoot, die, rinse and repeat, stop being the tryhard whistleblower that no one wanted to play handball with in gym class.

  16. Mmmmm… I agree and disagree. Sound audio has always been pretty bad in this game and they still haven’t been able to fix it. It is definitely a core component of the game that needs to be fixed along with plenty of other things.

  17. I'll go so far as to say it's the object of the game. Most of my wins are because the opponents couldn't aim and most of my losses are because my aim was bad and the opponents knew how to take the rebound from coast to coast.

  18. That last part is situational. If 2-3 opponents are in net ready for your shot sometimes you might as well just slightly “miss” taking 1-2 players out of position attempting a save then your teammate bangs on net.

  19. I agree with this because even though I'm contradicting myself, I've learned that players at my low rank don't know how to deal with a car that changes speeds a lot.

  20. That’s actually difficult for everyone at every level. Sudden bursts of speed are dangerous.

  21. Im so sorry i wasn't able to decipher if it was a genuine comment or a sarcastic one😭

  22. I was today years old when I found out this was scripted! Damn you internet! Is nothing sacred to you?!?

  23. Fuck I just sent this to all my friends. This was hilarious, but I’m glad they didn’t unnecessarily tase my guy for real.

  24. Red. I play since 2015 and it's a pain to try to change it. I don't care if I don't get better, that's how I'll keep playing.

  25. Only reason I wish I could overwrote the muscle memory is because I use that thumb for so many buttons it gets tiring.

  26. I thought that controller was fucked Up. That’s what’s up, hope to one day teach my son. If not I’ll carry him into champ fuck it. Lol

  27. Yeah, like obviously at 1080p that’s awful but at 4K max… must be nice

  28. "Hey! I can play rdr2 at 90+ fps now, I'm so stoked!"

  29. Well when you consider that the space shuttle is louder than

  30. Slow down and just keep trying. Throw yourself at it over and over. You’ll get it.

  31. I bought that rocketpass just for that goal explosion. It's the only goal explosion I've used since it's release. Best goal explosion in the game by far, I feel sympathy for anyone who doesn't have it.

  32. Still have sphere grid PTSD from getting the platinum. Halfway through I really regretted it but sunk cost fallacy kicked in...

  33. Same my dude. I actually had a file which was almost maxed but completed all other content including penance. Lost that PS4. When I got a new one I just sped through getting the sphere grid maxed out again.

  34. Sacrifice accuracy and evasion. You only need like 80 of each of those. If you have max luck you’ll always dodge and always hit.

  35. It took forever to find the correct 30 second route

  36. I have the route engrained in my brain from doing it so much that I can boot up the game at any point and do the route on command.

  37. Play 1s. You’re over extending and having some weird boost grabs that are taking you out of the game.

  38. Oh god no never do this. Your windshield will shatter into a million pieces. If a defrost setting in a car can do

  39. No way this is true. I’ve never heard that lol

  40. It's atrocious... I play with my pops all the time and he creates a new party every time he is playing a game. It's because it's easier for him to join game and join a voice chat from that. But I have about 7 different groups he's created.

  41. Dude, I don’t know how to just join an already made party. Like I know they’re somewhere, but I just go to the friend I want to invite and click the little headset icon.

  42. I can never air dribble to the right. I mean I can but it's ugly lol and not a very good success rate. I much prefer to go from the left.

  43. You should make air dribbling from the right your strength.

  44. Ya I just can't do it from the right side lol. I still try it off and on. But it's not something you can usually pull off in a match anyways. They see you going for the wall they challenge you or demo you. But yeah definitely need to work on it.

  45. If you work on your weaknesses you’ll improve faster

  46. The logic is some people don’t want to. Period. Not everyone has to do things the way you expect them to be done.

  47. Then they shouldn’t complain about people taking the candy they put out if they’re going to be that lazy about it. The whole point of having your house participate in trick or treating is to interact with kids who come to your door. If you don’t want to greet people, they should just not put candy out and shut off their lights.

  48. This conversation wasn’t even about people complaining. Even then, if you put out candy and someone just takes it all you are able to complain. Wether

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