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  1. Thank you! Also I am natural, but I do take that as a compliment! I’m only taking creatine & weight gainers (not anymore). I have a very fast metabolism so I think that helped me. I ate a lot of carbs & chicken breast, while eating “healthy takeout” (which honestly wasn’t healthy), & McDonald’s (cause I work there). Then I stopped & only ate chicken breast, quinoa, & salad while doing cardio & I shredded a lot of my fat. You can check out my previous post on my profile from months ago, there’s a more bloated/fat picture of me there lol

  2. To be totally honest, I didn’t notice any big difference, there was some size increase but mainly I just felt like I was bloated/fat all the time. I only took it because the gym guys said that’s what they do… although I did start off with Creatine HCL pills, & then I switched to Creatine Monohydrate & I did a bulk phase of that, so maybe that was the problem.

  3. I don't get it. What does papa have to do with this?

  4. En olis sitä hipelöinyt, jos olisin tiennyt mikä tämä on. Mutta kiitos!

  5. Kannattaa laukaista tommonen pienessä huoneessa jos haluut oikean saunakokemuksen

  6. Question: how do videos look on it? I'd imagine they're smaller than they are on the z fold 3

  7. The S22 ultra was super laggy for me. My note 20 ultra ran apps faster for some reason. I ended up buying the fold 3 outright and very happy with it. Will upgrade to fold 5 considering the 4 looks like a very minor update

  8. Can't speak for the S22 ultra but the S21 ultra was a massive disappointment. I instantly returned it and pre-ordered the Z Fold 3, which I absolutely love.

  9. August Underground. I would link it but I'm drunk right now and can't really be bothered to look for it

  10. What??? It's only 875k?? Jesus fucking christ I wish I lived somewhere as cheap as that

  11. Man sorry to hear that! I feel that we will see more stories like this. Thanks for sharing

  12. Used to be worth nothing but now they're .2usd each

  13. This was my favorite one of these.

  14. Are you the guy from the other post today?

  15. I am. Yhat one got removed like 10 mins after I posted it cause it has the word "moons" in the title

  16. Ah, so you ARE the fallen brother. I've read your story and felt very sorry.

  17. Unrelated but I'm a bit OOTL: when's the merge again?

  18. Are you absolutely sure you want to give them to me? Cause if you need them I'm happy to give them back

  19. Haha dont stress it brother! Hope you earn a lot more!

  20. All right, well thank you again! I really appreciate it

  21. No, not really. Depends on how rich I'd be though

  22. Wanna talk about this moonfarming of yours, though?

  23. I never bought it in the first place so I'm winning in life

  24. Update: I lost all my moons, I'm now losing in life

  25. Dm'd you the link to the explanation as it won't let me post it here

  26. you have to change the www to np on

  27. Oh all right, thanks! I didn't know that was a thing.

  28. Well I mean Algo is the closest thing I can think of

  29. Reading your title and seeing you have 0 moons gave me a short nightmare

  30. Weird cause I specifically backed out of creating a new vault.

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