1. Have you no heart?!?!!!!!!!!!! Get that baby the tennis ball!!!! 🎾

  2. Right there with you bud. Need to knock this shit off, the both of us!

  3. It’s seriously the worst drug out there in my opinion. I don’t drink liquor at all. I can go a few days without drinking and suffer no effects. I have chronic leukemia so I get blood tested every month. I keep saying if my liver enzymes look bad I’ll stop. It’s been almost 10 years. I guess I got a really hardcore liver.

  4. I realize I didn’t clarify in my reply but yes it is so scary and you’re trying to think of everything and do everything as well. The hematoma patient, her baby came out with 0/4/4/4 APGARs and was intubated. He is now doing better. The other baby was from the labor hall and it was just a healthy mom having a healthy baby. The difference between life and death and the meaning of it all is a thin line. I’m so grateful that the hematoma patient and her son are doing better but she’s not yet out of the woods.

  5. Yeah, I confused it. Those are grim apgars. I do hope they are both okay. And I hope you are okay. L&D is a very hard specialty. When things are good, they are so good. When things are bad, they are so bad.

  6. You screen well for it? I’ve been raped and sexually assaulted more than a handful of times in my life. Have I ever disclosed that to a provider? No. Because often times it doesn’t help or change care at all, all it does is cause me to start thinking about it all again.

  7. I’m very sorry. I urge you to find a provider that you CAN disclose this too. It’s paramount to your care. We seriously try to be very sensitive, but in ob and L&D our jobs are incredibly invasive. We treat everyone with the same respect, but knowing history can really really help us manage your care. Especially if you are pregnant. There’s literally no other way for us to determine your labor status or help you safely birth your child without examining your privates. It’s just what it is.

  8. I’ve had a traumatic birth that ended in c section, also had shingles on my vulva at the time. And I’ve also had a really healing Vbac. I love my family doctor and my pregnancy care providers. For me, there isn’t a benefit to disclosing my history re: sexual assault. It’s great if that’s a good choice for someone else. I’m just bringing awareness that there are absolutely women who will screen negative for history of rape and assault, and it means nothing. Everyone should be treated with the same gentle care and respect. We shouldn’t put the responsibility on women to re traumatize themselves by discussing it to ensure they receive good care.

  9. Did you just not read any other comments before replying?

  10. thanks for the encouragement! bellengrath gardens and the battleship are both on our list for mobile, and we're going to try to do a shrimp boat trip - we'll check out orange beach as well. we've done the pensacola area on a previous spring break, and it was really nice too - just wanted to try something different this time.

  11. I’m not sure what a shrimp boat trip is. I’m a marine biologist and while in school we did a lot of trawling and were able to keep shrimp we caught while doing it. We caught many other things as well such as rays and tons of different smaller fish. We have dolphins here too!!! The fishing is phenomenal here. It’s really a unique place because of the estuary. If fishing isn’t a thing your family would enjoy, I understand, but I think almost everyone enjoys the dolphins. That may be better than a shrimp tour but I’m just not sure what that is!

  12. Okay, this may actually be awesome then!!!! A good chance to see dolphins too. Trawling was one of my favorite parts of school. I think y’all will get to experience a lot of our sea life if it’s what I’m thinking and that will be better than a dolphin tour.

  13. My whole family has red hair. I have (inherited by my father) jet black hair. (Literal black sheep, the two of us.) Local absolutely never works for me…and require enough to knock out a horse when going under. I’ve even woken up during surgery a few times before.

  14. That’s the only thing I can think of! I think there is something to it for sure.

  15. Oh, my boy was doped to the gills on pain meds because of a surgery, I didn't mean to imply it was solely the anesthesia! Coming out of it he was confused and scared because he was still nonverbal at the time, so I had to lay in the bed with him in recovery and reassure him that I was there and wasn't leaving him alone again like I had to when they took him back. Once he wasn't low-key freaking out, he was just high as hell on the hydrocodone! I still giggle when I think of him just yoinking that pillow from the display!

  16. Ahhhhh okay, I get that. My kiddo didn’t require anything more than a Tylenol once out of surgery lol.

  17. I love her. I want to give her all my hugs and boops and love, well at least share it between my 2 golden girls and her.

  18. I would take care of the actual robbers when they got shot.

  19. Hell yeah!!!! Happy 6th birthday baby girl!!!! I hope she is healthy and strong!

  20. Thanks! She's an absolute monster, way too smart for her own good! No deficits to speak of.

  21. That is so freaking awesome. Man the way NICU/Peds RNs and Docs are able to handle this, I’ll never understand but I’ll be eternally grateful for their knowledge and dedication. (If I’m leaving a specialty out that is included in the care of a baby like this, I don’t mean to, I’m just not well versed in that. I only did healthy babies!)

  22. All of us here (2 golden girls, 2 ferret girls, and a very ornery lizard) are sending all the hugs and boops and love for molly. Keep us updated please!!!

  23. Cold fingers, poor perfusion, sleep apnea, positional… yep. Focus on the pt not the equipment every time and you’ll be fine! ✌️

  24. This exactly. Never trust a monitor. Physical assessment always overrides a machine. Would I watch this patient carefully? Yes. Would I be concerned I couldn’t get a pulse ox? Not really.

  25. Thanks so much for explaining this. I'm sorry you have to go through it all.

  26. Awww that’s sweet :) it’s seriously not a big deal for me. I’m retired. Taking a baby aspirin and having some blood drawn once a month or so is not a big deal at all for me. Some people have it so so much worse. So don’t feel bad for me :)

  27. 400-480 is hardly elevated at all. Your hematologist may issue generic testing via blood work to test for the commonly associated MPN gene mutations. It sounds like you may just need a watch and wait approach to see if your platelets elevate further. Many of us with ET or PV have platelets over a million at time of diagnosis. Hematologists would likely say 400-480 is within a normal range and wouldn’t likely meet diagnostic criteria.

  28. Agree. Mine range from 600-800 and all I have to do is take a baby aspirin and have regular labs every 1-3 months (just depends on results, sometimes my RBCs and H&H is also elevated to the point I have to have a therapeutic phlebotomy.) the cancer center I go to doesn’t consider anything under 450 as even elevated.

  29. This is so weird and creepy. And dangerous. I don’t want to forget dangerous.

  30. Now whenever I see my neurosurgeon next time I’m going to have to have a conversation with him about this lol

  31. Still putting the breed over the child. I know for a fact my golden would never do this.

  32. Yeah. There is no way in hell either of my goldens would ever do something like this.

  33. “Mix” is their favorite word. Also in the UK where this attack happened full blooded pits are banned but (strangely) not any pit mixes

  34. This attack happened in Louisiana. The child was taken to a hospital in Slidell. The reporting article is UK though so I can see why you would think it happened there.

  35. Y’all, this dog literally ingested the little girl’s flesh. I didn’t see it in the article but may have missed it, please tell me this dog was euthanized.

  36. not trying to be rude or anything and my bad if you're working on it or if there's health issues but both dogs look extremely overweight. the extra weight on dogs can be super rough on their joints and hips, especially for breeds like goldens that are already prone to those issues! if increasing walks isn't possible then exercise tools like flirt poles or long lines can definitely make it easier to get a dog in shape 🙏

  37. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I was on a Reddit ban :/

  38. I’m sorry, I don’t know why you are either :(. I upvoted you when you first commented. I’m not sure what the downvoting is about.

  39. I haven’t looked at the comments at all because I didn’t want it to skew my judgement. I’m sure at least 99% of people on this sub absolutely believe that Scott is (100%, absolutely, without a doubt) as guilty as OJ.

  40. Aside from kids and the elderly, cats are the ones that take the brunt of shitbulls and shitbull owners

  41. Psssshhhhhhhhhhhhh, kids, ederly, humans, and everything else are fair game for pit bulls. Obviously, because literally nothing ever really happens to these owners or their horrible maulers.

  42. “We are broke as fuck but hey! Let’s get a breed known for its unpredictability and viciousness! What could possibly go wrong!”

  43. Okay, obviously you missed the part where the pit is the “sweeeeeeeeeeeeetest dog ever and would never hurt anything!”

  44. I’ve never been more happy that I don’t have to be a nurse anynore. The rotted strawberries in a cooch was enough for me for a lifetime. Blessings to anyone that has to find 10 day old “aloe slices” inside of a patient’s vagina.

  45. Your habitual aggressive sarcasm, laser-focused animosity and your need to establish who you are and what you’ve done on this random thread about about an off handed joke about drugs in a corner of the internet lends me to believe you’re not in a good place right now and I hope you feel better soon

  46. “Habitual?” From 3 responses in which the same subject has been the topic, it’s habitual of me to defend my point?

  47. Whew, thank the gods no one gets stuck with that shit that doesn’t want it. Best for everyone imo

  48. I love the US! I’m not complaining I’m making fun of myself, i’m mad at myself if anything

  49. Well now I’m not even sure how to respond to this lol. I’m sorry I misunderstood. Carry on internet stranger :)

  50. Berrr herrrr herrrr herrrrrrrrrrrr; I’m a race car driver but I don’t know how to drive. What’s wrong with the US?!

  51. Oh hell yes ! Bouncing wit it now 💯💪🔥

  52. It’s still one of my fave movies. I also like rush hour. Come at me!!!! Lol

  53. Stop it! I’m trying to be mad at you, but you’re seriously making it really hard.

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