1. Going to ask you to please do not start double posting your art from two accounts.

  2. Hey, could you also maybe deal with the EXPLICIT racism in this comment section too? This is disgusting.

  3. This is really great art, and your AU seems fun as hell.

  4. We know you can take Charles Lee Ray/The Chucky Killer I'm a fight...

  5. Didn't he say Morbius was going to be decent/good?

  6. I actually think that Warren was really one of the two (the other being the family) only actively malicious teachers in this season, to be honest. When I was young, I met a lot of people just like him both online and in real life– people who will put up a front of being very kind, caring, helpful people, but the intention is only to act that way just long enough that you let your guard down, and then you are entrapped in a friendship or relationship with them. And then, well... Gosh, they've just been so nice to you, so why not pay it back by doing only what they want to do all the time and taking them out for a nice meal on your dime, and golly gosh, don't forget that being a good friend is giving of yourself to make other people happy— just make sure to ignore the fact that you've been the only one giving this entire time, and they have been the sole recipient of this, at the expense of all of your other relationships (because they're your best friend, after all; don't you want to spend time with them? Or are you going to abandon your best friend like that to spend time with people leas important?)

  7. Well, that, and because there's several species of parasitic worms. When I saw Warren, I immediately realized "oh God. He's a tapeworm. That's where this is going. He's a parasite"

  8. Build a Mangle: Where the S.T.A.F.F. bots are assembled.

  9. Visual Indication, what if someone has the voices off, or is hard of hearing, in game development everything needs some sort of visual indication so people aren't running in circles, its how game development works, sorry its not some world breaking lore bomb one would think it'd be, its for accessibility reasons, and if you wanna say "well i dont see a difference in roxy's eyes" then Enter Freddy, as the UI Changes depending on the version of the eyes used

  10. ...I literally see the difference in Roxy's eyes. Why are you creating a strawman argument about the other two upgrades?

  11. what do you mean strawmen, everything correlates, how else visually would you know about Chica's Voice box, Seriously Tell me how i would be able to visually see on the model if the voice box is different, imagine im deaf, tell me how...

  12. No, I mean that Scott literally made a game that deaf people cannot play

  13. I hope the fan who actually recommended this, gets a little credit at least...

  14. Roy Gribbleston has been a known name in the community for a bit. It comes from this.

  15. The end of Episode 3, we see the "money man" burning Malcom.

  16. I don't think so, really. I think Roy, like Yellow Guy is a representation of something. In the TV series, Roy seems to play the role of guardian. In every opening (except Episode 6 since the opening doesn't have this scene), between the Fridge Shot and the Clock Shot you can see what is most likely Roy observing the house residents through a crack in the wall. In Family, he only appears to bring Yellow Guy back home and save him from being somewhere that isn't his "home" for an extended period of time. And when Roy appears in the car in Transportation, who's the one who claims to find him? Yellow Guy. He's disguised, but Red Guy still freaks out when he recognizes him and throws him out. My guess is that, if Roy would have stayed, he would have done everything in his power barring killing Red Guy or Yellow Guy to get them back home. That begs the question, does that mean that the events of the original series are canon to the TV show given Red Guy's seeming knowledge of Roy's role as something meant to keep him there?

  17. I believe the "puppet Roy" isn't the original, though. I believe he's a creation of the real Roy to keep an eye on Lesley and her creations.

  18. I mean, I dunno. I don't think there's enough here to make any definitive claims about who is 100% in charge or what exactly is going on. I do know that David is dead, David was likely Lesley's son, Yellow Guy is likely meant to represent David in some way, and Lesley is in control of at least the 3 levels below her. I don't want to jump to the conclusion that it's actually Roy in charge above Lesley because there hasn't been any concrete evidence to suggest that. I also don't see any evidence to suggest that spesifically Lesley ran Yellow Guy over. I also don't see any evidence to suggest Roy did either, assuming Roy is real. Given the insistence on plastering Lesley's name on the vehicles up until that point, I would expect the show to do the same to the car that hits Yellow Guy. And yet, it doesn't. Furthermore, I think Lesley yelling out for Yellow Guy to be careful before he gets hit is exactly what happened when David died. Lesley watched instead of acting and that guilt drove her to oversee, if not create, the twisted nightmare the trio finds themselves today.

  19. Very Valid on that take as well. Only reason it really came down to believing Lesley herself hit him wasn't even the license plate, but the fact that the car that DID hit him is the exact same car that has LE5L3Y on it, suggesting some connection there.

  20. It's sort of a soft reboot. All the previously existing teachers still exist and have history with the main cast, but the show itself doesn't follow the continuity or media analysis angle of the original.

  21. Rateye is yellow guys maiden name, not his moms. Meaning Roy’s name would be rateye if that’s true

  22. Roy's last name is confirmed to be Gribbleston. It has been for a while.

  23. I'd believe it was a simple throwaway line, too... Had we not had a massive lore dump in the finale which very much implied that Lesley was the mother of the human Yellow Guy was based on.

  24. Clay Hill went in a direction the creators didn't like. It didn't feel as creepy nor as funny as they hoped. Reportedly, they thought having an extended cast ruined the anxiety and fear of the situations. As well, it required them to make really gross perverted jokes to keep that shock factor in place, instead of their usual body horror fair.

  25. Does he really remember what happened though? It seems like after being reverted to his previous state, making any effort to think is painfully difficult. A state in which we saw time and again that he has memory-related issues.

  26. Yes? Or at least one cycle of it. He goes on a whole thing about the dream he had, which is episode 6.

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