1. I have no idea. I’m sure blunt-e would be happy to tell you and I can say that it’s a majorly on point product. These guys should be in every dispensary in the state

  2. Dialed is a company that lighthouse is producing carts for. They are a standalone company that are being sold in a few different states, just being produced by lighthouse up to their standards.

  3. Safe and fair granola! They have lots of flavors and they check almost all the boxes. Some flavors are better than others for sure.

  4. I'm just gonna dump some links in case any of them help. My aunt is a dietitian and has been a great resource for me since I started this diet.

  5. I’m also five…. You said it had a white appearance…. What makes this different from “crc”?

  6. Think of beating eggs, when you get to a certain point the mixture starts to look frothy and light colored because it has been aerated.

  7. Just picked up the 8.49g of it and it still slaps!

  8. I'm interested in knowing the average markup on a product in the program, and I'd also like to know the estimated annual operating costs of a dispensary. Lots of hidden costs, fees, licensure, etc I would imagine.

  9. The University of Maryland has a Master's in Cannabis Science and Therapeutics. I am currently halfway through the program. There are several prospective growers in my class. The program is mostly online and it is a legitimate MS degree. I wholeheartedly recommend it. There is a networking event at least once a month.

  10. I have this same issue with sativa and I noticed any strain high in myrcene really vibes well with my anxiety and I had minimal issues with.

  11. The response I have gotten from the BOP directly is that dispensaries are considered pharmacies. Every pharmacy has wait a time for prescriptions to be filled. Some are same day some take multiple days.

  12. It does, but not a whole 5%. Say a product is registered as 18% THC, it can be 18x0.05 = 0.09. The flowers' actual percentage can be 17.1 - 18.9% while still registered as 18.

  13. Kind of lol. 5% of 18 is .9 not .09 so his math isn’t exactly right here despite getting the correct answer in the end. I imagine the .09 is a typo but still lol, the math doesn’t add up here

  14. Lol his heart was in the right place.

  15. In the beginning it was 90 days. Period. Then when covid started they decided to break it up. Before it was changed to 45 day increments, if i wanted to I could go in at any point during my 90 day period and buy over 45 days worth if I wanted to (never have lol). If I didn't use the 45 points it rolled over to the next 45 because it was still one 90 day period. I dont get why they're split up still.

  16. Each prescription written from the doctor is written in 90 day increments. This is why they use the 90 day system. They limit you to get 45 days at a time to prevent having too much medicine on hand at a time. Nothing is changing about the prescriptions. And the reason the language is written the way it is, is to explain how much medicine you get with a single prescription.

  17. I wish companies like this would disclose on the packaging where they get their flower from. It really makes a big difference in regards to effects

  18. From looking at the strains they have available, it looks like source material is from curaleaf, Columbia care and standard wellness.

  19. White linen from ancient Roots had alpha and beta pineine as top 2 terps.

  20. wow that almost 100% confirms what dustoo21 said, they’re adding keif to their shit to make it look better than it is

  21. This is not exactly true. They machine trim their flower and any kief that falls off during the process they add back to the plant material as an attempt to keep the products the same as before.

  22. They used etoh to winterize and then burnt the oil using too much heat during the recovery stage. Degrades the color very quickly, especially etoh. Not a good enough vacuum then can have oxygen get in the process and degrade it even further.

  23. Edit: I hereby declare the word “trippy” slashed from this post and replace it with the word “psychedelic”. Thanks.

  24. Euphoric is another good descriptor of the feeling and I always get that way from MAC strains. I'm thinking it's tied to higher linalool but I'm still in the testing phases for that conclusion

  25. I wouldn't let the state find out. They've addressed this in the past and told everyone it was against the rules. Its really how they decide to interrupt things

  26. You might have outdated information. This is the current ruling.

  27. Actually scratch that, these are just contradicting rules again per usual

  28. Lunar tide concentrate from standard is amazing

  29. I like them, Tropicana cookies is my actual favorite strain so it’s a winner. Second breakfast is heavy and tastes great and gasimov really does have top tier flavor like they claim. Oh and I had one that was mint chocolate OG or something and it was gaaaaasyy

  30. Unsure if people are aware but the ELIXR brand is Galenas flower extracted by Cure Ohio.

  31. They have the product registered as 22.9% THC, the actual total THC is allowed to be +/- 5% what they claim. The max percentage you can go with flower still being registered as a tier 1 is 24.045% THC.

  32. This actually has 642.5mg, Idk why they included the thca conversion in the final mg number, it's not going to convert in your stomach lol but I love this stuff reguardless, gonna grab the bigger tub next time I hit the dispo

  33. THCa still has medicinal value to the body, specifically the stomach and intestines.

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