1. That's fair! I was feeling very sassy yesterday. lol In the future, I'll be sure to include a "sarcasm" note. I can't recall reddit-speak for that.

  2. Funny how combining them takes away the uniqueness of their individual appeal

  3. 5w4 sp/sx. when i’m at home, which is most of the time, i wear pajamas/loungewear. usually black. usually the same “outfit” for days.

  4. No can do. You'll receive the loving when you're supposed to receive the loving, and you'll receive the shoving if I have to. Most ENTJs won't fake who they are just to please you.

  5. Interesting, I’m curious to hear your reasoning. I’m not super well versed in mbti

  6. Some great directors have been typed INTJ : Stanley Kubrick, Christopher Nolan, David Fincher, Murnau, Joel Cohen...

  7. This makes so much sense!! As a theatrical romantic, I’ve never worn belts because they look terrible on me! They’re too harsh and geometric, and they steal all the attention in an outfit. Give me a seam or smocked/ruched/ tapered section at the waist instead and I’ll be much happier.

  8. I think you are on the right track. I am active in SK and David actually suggests not adding belts to designs that weren't initially intended to have them (in that the belt shouldn't be altering the silhouette of the garment). I think outside of SK people put way too much emphasis on the idea of the waist. David actually doesn't focus on that currently and tells people to just think of it as the line that connects the upper and lower body, not a separate body part that needs to be focused on. Basically, if you are accommodating your line correctly, the waist will take care of itself. For example, when you are dealing with someone that has double curve, you are focusing on the fact that fabric is being pushed out by the curves. So like you said, the garment needs to allow for room for curve which is different from wearing something oversized and cinching it after the fact because the proportions are all wrong.

  9. Totally. I've fumbled with this expectation of R type "waist emphasis" and have pretty much thrown out the concept.

  10. i know this sub has generally accepted her as SN, but i can't shake the SD vibes i get from her, she just reminds me of like a young

  11. FINALLY I just cannot see her as SN. I've hesitantly offered TR as an option but I accept that she doesn't fit the type. I could 100% get behind SD.

  12. So my original thought for TR was trying to make sense of what I perceived as yin with a yang undercurrent, but little to no width accommodation. She had some visual similarity to TR's like Joan Collins, but I did have to start putting that aside when I saw she doesn't have petite, nor a particularly developed double curve

  13. I'd love to know this too. I feel like people say he describes them as something like "lodestars"? Kinda twinkling distant stars that guide the way, but get too close, alas, your wings will melt, you will go blind from the intense, nuclear glow their celebrity emanates, and you will longer be able to breathe in that altitude.

  14. Athena. Go out and cultivate areas of wasteland with well-designed sustainable cities and become patron of craftsmen.

  15. Nevertheless, she looks fantastic in very R-accommodating looks and has an extremely FG essence!

  16. I completely agree with you, although I'd say HBC has had slightly more weight gain, and the HBC I'm referring to is the Fight Club era one - the one roughly more toward Helen George's weight. But you are right - proportionally she is longer and the curve is more stretched. On this basis I'd say she's more TR than anything - although like yourself I'm no expert haha

  17. I love how visibly lighter, cosier and sweeter these are. The knits beautifully set off your colouring.

  18. This was lovely to read. I'm so happy for you and your husband and your little family. Your attitude really comes across as positive and accepting, and your husband comes off well in this too - " My husband never once complained through all of this" - that there is probably a major reason why things have worked out between you. He has accepted all the twists and turns that have happened, as have you, and you have remained in touch with each other.

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