1. Never played the game but I’m binge watching the anime and piplup is hilarious. Especially with gible’s draco meteor 😂

  2. Send me a message when you're free, happy to hatch both for you 😊

  3. One of the water starters of all time

  4. there have been 2002 other seasons??? What have I missed

  5. The fun of Prime Video’s numbering when it comes to season A volume B. Just make it season AB! 😂

  6. Ahhh i remeber in 2003 when pokemon sun and moon aired

  7. wish there was a D before Arrow for something so it could be "DAMN IT"

  8. My rant is can we please put it on a channel we all get? I couldn’t watch it bc it was on TNT.

  9. Imagine having such a leg that you can kick a ball in 2022 and not have it land until 2023

  10. That is the same name my dating life had during college.

  11. When you realize G-Max raids weren’t that bad

  12. Ceruledge. Side-B is bitter blade which will take down some of your percentage while fucking up the opponent big time.

  13. That’s what I’m talking about. If it fumbles forward and out of the end zone it’s a touchback even though it was fumbled forward.

  14. If you're talking about fumbling in your own endzone and it goes out of bounds, I would have assumed it would be a safety. Who knew? Wild. I do know that if you fumble it in the opposing endzone, it is a touchdown because the play is technically over as soon as the ball breaks the plane.

  15. What I’m saying is fumbling into the other end zone. Where say you fumble at the 2 and it goes out of bounds in their end zone. And all of a sudden it’s their ball.

  16. I used to have an Eevee team in X/Y, iirc my team was toxic stall vaporeon, offensive flareon/sylveon, jolteon (I forget the build), supportive espeon (light screen and such), and a tanky umbreon.

  17. That’s pretty much what I’m doing. I breed for 5 or 6 IVs, get them to level 100 and never do anything with them 😂

  18. I don't have full sets but most of the time you just wanna leave Glaceon and Leafeon out. They're both okay Pokemon but benefit from setup conditions that the other eevees won't provide. You wanna build vaporeon, umbreon and sylveon as bulky Pokémon and the latter 2 will usually be your best bet to closing games. Flareon and Jolteon are your primary attackers. Espeon provides support and coverage options. It's a pretty rough team in my experience. You have to rely a lot on forcing switches via yawn or else you're never gonna get a tank to stick.

  19. Ya I’m in the process of making a new team with just whatever Pokémon I like and my tank is Baxcalibur. What a beast.

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