1. Went there in 2009. The views were awesome.

  2. I don't like primaris marines at all. If GW wanted to upscale space marines to 32mm that's fine, but adding a lore reason just feels stupid to me. Space marines are already supposed to be super soldiers so adding primaris to the mix just undermines that completely.

  3. Got to love "Unpopular opinion" questions and how the true answers get downvoted to oblivion. It defeats the entire point of the question.

  4. Yeah it's literally the title of the post.. I guess some people would rather just downvote than strike up a dialogue about why they disagree.

  5. Check out Noroi: the curse. It felt quite refreshing to me compared to a lot of other found footage movies. There's a little bit of over acting from one actor in particular but it is sort of part of his character. No real jump scares either. Just really creepy.

  6. I think it was called green eggs and ham, not green beans and fries

  7. South park was already on like season 8 when those '06 kids were born.... wouldn't those kids more go for Rick and morty?

  8. South park started in 1998. I'm 36 and was 12 when it first aired. You were a social outcast at my school if you weren't watching it.

  9. Fair sure it kicked off in '97. I'm only 2 years older than yourself and it took a few weeks for it to really take off. But here it was on channel SBS so it didn't have much traction initially. At first a few of us at school watched it but then all of a sudden it was off like a frog in a sock.

  10. Sorry I should have stated I'm in the UK. It aired in 98 here.

  11. Nothing has ever given me more claustrophobia anxiety than the video Man In Cave by Internet Historian

  12. Thieves are utter scum. Glad you got your phone back.

  13. Only occasionally. The more common one for me is the sound of a door slamming just as I'm drifting off. There's definitely no doors slamming but I'll hear it. They're just auditory hallucinations and aren't anything to worry about.

  14. I don't wanna die! I just want to read the weather!

  15. Adventure time for sure. it has such a deep message about trauma and maturing. it teaches kids to grow from their pain. the lore is also immense. for such a wacky cartoon it goes deep while also maintaining a child like aspect. it’s a show for adults and kids. it has gotten me and i’m sure many others through hellish times.

  16. A couple of the episodes caught me off guard. Most of them are really funny but it knew exactly how to hit me right in the feels when it wanted to.

  17. Do it for chewie and the ewoks... And all the other puppets.

  18. In a year we'll call Dr Strange 2 forgettable too, the Eternals had a whole ass dude popping out of the planet that still hasn't rly been acknowledged yet. While the writing may not have been great, the style Raimi brought to the table at least made it a good watch imo, def better than Eternals.

  19. I thought it was a fun Sam Raimi move, but a bad marvel movie.

  20. I fucking hate these "pranks". Kid learned the hard way not to be a little shit.

  21. I can see this going really well for netflix...

  22. Not weird. My old boss is a good 20 years older than me and we're both Warhammer fans. He's been into it since it started. We used to regularly go to games workshop together to buy minis, paints etc. He's an absolute legend and a good friend. I moved away but we still chat regularly to geek out over miniatures.

  23. It was the first thing that came into my head when I read the title and it wasn't even on the list. To be fair it's a pretty crap list. There's loads of TV episodes that were sadder than the ones listed there.

  24. How did you do the separation for Alarielle & the beetle?

  25. Small magnets? Or pins in the feet so she can slot into holes on the beetle and the base?

  26. We got a letter a couple of weeks ago saying they're coming tomorrow "Or MaYbE A dIfFeReNt DaY". Our flat and the neighbouring flat are behind a massive gate that the landlord requests we keep locked so they're not going to be able to get within 30 meters of our front door anyway even if they keep their empty threat. Also we don't watch any live TV or BBC programming which is why I cancelled our license so they can go fuck themselves.

  27. Yes, I have a caffeine sensitivity. Took me a while to figure out what it was but I cut out all caffeine around 7 years ago after being a sweaty, shaky mess most days. I suffer with anxiety anyway and the caffeine was making it much worse.

  28. Great game. I picked it up for £4 in a charity shop about 15 years ago. Me and my best mate used to play it for hours.

  29. "professionally painted" is a very loose term. There's a lot of poorly painted minis on eBay listed as professionally painted.

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