1. Got mine (Charcoal Black) CIB for $65 incl. shipping from UK. These guys try to rip off American market just because many aren't willing to do further searching or just want to buy something that's in the U.S. already.

  2. Went from asking myself if AITA, to unexpectedly being right all this time.

  3. Aside from MOH and Underground, Army Men: Air Attack and Syphon Filter 1/2/3

  4. The game must support infrastructure online multiplayer and the servers have to be active at the time.

  5. Now that you confirmed the operation of the console, you need to do the mandatory maintenance if you want it to last longer.

  6. Desprecio a los políticos corruptos que les venden esos espacios en vez de planificar lugares con las condiciones adecuadas de seguridad y protección civil que podrían incentivar un crecimiento de la economía local...mi guerra es contra esos malditos malparidos, todas sus presentaciones...y de los narcos ni hablamos parásitos que buscan la vida fácil...

  7. Que pasa cuando mueves montañas?.. Avalanchas (de doctor simi).

  8. Cuando mueves montañas, significa que eres un poderoso maestro tierra :u

  9. "Finally"? Do you mean that the vertical stand is actually hard to find? I bought one around 4 months ago, as I reorganised my setup, and I found it pretty easily on Amazon, at a decent price (around 24€).

  10. The only options available where I live are 3rd-party stands with integrated USB ports and cooling fans (that arguably do nothing to improve airflow or cooling and put more strain on the console's PSU) , and they are even more expensive than the original thing.

  11. On my PS4 pro I'm running a Crucial MX500 SSD 2TB for my internal drive and have a WD Elements 4tb as my external drive. Currently have 98 games installed between both drivers and still have about 1.3TB of free space.

  12. Yes! That's the exact same SSD model I've been looking for. I've heard good reviews from it. It's the best bang-for-buck option and the console can't really get all the juice from fancier, more expensive options like the Samsung EVO/QVO series SSDs

  13. In the past, I would've agreed with you. Today, I can say it's been criminally underestimated, because of what it can offer.

  14. Back in the day, you wouldn't believe the amount of kids who thought GTA: SA was playable on PSP just because they didn't know about Vic Vance and they just assumed he was Carl Johnson by a mere glance of someone playing GTA: VCS.

  15. A un conocido le robaron varias veces la camioneta, la última vez decidió comprar una botella buena, echarle veneno y dejarla a la vista. Pues le robaron la camioneta. Y supongo habrán brindado.

  16. Yo por eso tengo activado el silenciar llamadas de numeros privados o desconocidos. Solo que me llamen quienes me conocen :u

  17. That seems a little too much. Maybe you could've tried for 120-140 euro instead?

  18. If you have a 4K-capable screen, don't have any PS4 model and don't want to wait to get your hands on a PS5, then it's worth it.

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