1. SS: Prepare for a false flag to distract from this latest leak. The number shown was from 2019 so doubtful that Biden has the same number now.

  2. SS: Ok yes, he did have shades because he came out sliding with them on ..took them off. He definitely had black shades

  3. SS: It's always been double stuffed. Why is it now Double Stuf. Another New Mandela effect. .

  4. SS: King Tut Head Dress. Why does King Tut look different. What is next to the cobra. It was never there before. I've had a painting of king tut and it's always just been the snake. I've had it for years. it has both now.

  5. SS: Special advisor to Bill Clinton who let Jeffrey Epstein into the White House seven times, found dead at 59.

  6. SS: Looks like it’s about to get like in 1929 again. Fasten your seat belts.

  7. SS: Can't trust anyone who uses occult symbolism. She is another WEF Graduate.

  8. SS: The sky over Zhoushan in China turned a bright crimson red. People reported that they observed a strange light in the sky when the sky turned red on May 7, 2022.

  9. SS: A judge has accepted a plea deal to drastically reduce Ghislaine Maxwell’s prison sentence after she promised to name and shame elite pedophiles who were part of Epstein’s VIP child sex ring.

  10. SS: Soon they will be out of business, as their obedient vaccinated workers all die off.

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