Someone please help me understand my trans child.

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  1. Strange, I’ve probably played a round of an online game with some poor young sod that’s now dead

  2. Not Grandads, but in Niagara we have a similar place called Homestead donuts. They’re like $1.40 for a classic donut and like $2.50 for a specialty one.

  3. In Thorold right? How is it? It’s right across from me and I’ve been hesitant to go

  4. This is nothing. The one that hurt me was the guy who's face was split open horizontally where his nose was. He didn't have his top row of teeth and you could see the Inside of his face. It was the guy who jumped the pool that was super shallow.

  5. I saw one where a woman and her daughters face were split open with a machete wielded by an angry ex husband, you could hear their pained breathing and wheezing

  6. just tip what you usually do? no one’s pointing a gun at you lol

  7. They might as well staring at you after they glance at the little tip section on the receipt as it comes out of their card machine

  8. It's scary how people are almost religiously and in trance use the simplest vents to let off their frustration, with pitbulls being one of the prominent topics.

  9. I am reminded of that one 4chan post saying that idiots cannot rationalize statistics, only anecdotal and personal experiences. Pit bulls and your garbage bully breed are statistically killers and your velvet hippo is not special.

  10. I am reminded of that one 4chan post saying that idiots cannot rationalize statistics, only anecdotal and personal experiences. Pit bulls and your garbage bully breed are statistically killers and your velvet hippo is not special.

  11. It's almost like there are thousands of other breeds that are wonderfully suited to home life and companionship.

  12. It’s not just pitbulls now. There are so called bully mix breeds that are legal in places pure pit bulls aren’t. It’s BS

  13. Jays baseball cap, a good quality one. Or raptors, or leaves, depending on what they like

  14. I’m down for one, this course is pretty chill rn but I think it’s gonna ramp up soon

  15. Brock. Scholarships like candy for students with 80+. I think with 95 percent you get 6-8k in grants? It’s a pretty good deal for what they got.

  16. Oooh okay, doesn't Brock kind of have a bad reputation though? Do employers in Ontario look down on Brock graduates? If not, then yeah that 6-8k sounds great! However, I just want to make sure that it's not too good of a deal if you know what i mean.

  17. It really doesn’t matter if you plan on doing masters, I see ur interested in business admin. Even if ur not, not really, Ontario cares more about your networking skills in co/op than anything else. School “prestige” is nonsense and isn’t like in the states.

  18. I’ve mostly decided on naval warfare officer.

  19. Become competitive enough for the CFAT and aim for 85+ (although you’re from Sask, Ontario is different regarding averages I believe) All the officer trades are pretty competitive, but some less than others, and NWO is one of them.

  20. I recommend you focus in highschool and become competitive enough to do ROTP if you truly want a career in the military. Its good to start very early

  21. If anybody is interested in a film about a Dutchman in the SS watch the Forgotten Battle with subs

  22. Does the ROTP at RMC accept people who have been out of school for a while? From digging around, I haven't seen anything about an age cap with regards to the application process, but I was curious if there's an internal policy (official or unofficial) restricting acceptance with regards to age?

  23. Age doesn’t matter. However ROTP non RMC and RMC needs a minimum 75 percent average, although an 85+ is competitive in grade 12 courses. If you meet the 75 requirement in all your grade 12 courses and meet the requirements for your desired trade, then the game is to pass the CFAT which I highly advise you study for. DM me if you want further details

  24. I'm going to apply around September for ROTP civillian uni as well. How long did it take for you to get your response?

  25. I applied in 2021 October. Got my CFAT scheduled in December. Did that, waited until February for medical. Did that, waited until March for my Interview. After that, I waited until July for my offer. It was a really rocky process and I thought many times I failed to make the cut. Make sure to study the CFAT, it’s not easy.

  26. Damn thats takes a bit longer than I expected. So if I apply today, there is still a big chance that I wont be going to Quebec summer of 2023.

  27. It depends on what recruiting centre you do it at. I did mine at Toronto and they were a pain to deal with, never answering emails or calls. Also your score. The better your score, the more likely to get selected in the first rounds. Mine was mediocre so it took a while.

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