1. I love this dungeon, and now I love it even more. I want that

  2. It looks like he's drinking a shake. Who drinks a shake like it's a glass of water? Using a straw is the only way. Or a spoon if you're slightly weird.

  3. Not an exotic, but I like using a Thistle and Yew in Crucible cause nobody remembers it. Also I just like the name

  4. "'re too young for...retirement. Enjoy the next 50 years of work."

  5. Dog came in like "there's a face within licking distance!"

  6. Forbidden Woods for sure. It's the only location I genuinely hesitate to move forward. Especially once you get to the confusing forest area

  7. Get a PS1 and play the underrated masterpiece Future Cop LAPD

  8. I dunno, British arguments just don't sound right without Oblivion music in the background

  9. Wow were you alive way back when Skyrim came out?

  10. When you drink Arnold Palmers your whole life thinking it was just tea

  11. YTA and your older daughter is the reason not everyone should have kids. I feel bad for your younger daughter. Imagine having a rough future ahead of you because your older sister can't be realistic about her situation. Older sister is absurdly inconsiderate and quite frankly sucks

  12. How would she handle a plate of deviled eggs? Total meltdown?

  13. I was told by a family member that they don't like when I call them deviled eggs, so I jokingly called them demoned eggs. They didn't find it a suitable replacement lol

  14. Funny thing is in italian that word means nothing like what you think (it’s like soaking)

  15. Why do people on certain drugs take all their clothes off? What a strange side-effect

  16. I loved it almost immediately. Though it did take Bloodborne for me to get invested in souls-likes. They've since become one of my favorite genres

  17. 250 mil to live in the StarWars universe? That's a win/win

  18. This is dumb, but the worst part is pouring it on those noodles wtf

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