1. Growing up, I loved his gun… Now that I'm a seasoned call of duty player I see how ridiculous an Uzi with a scope is lol

  2. I watched both aliens versus predators in sepia mode on VLC animated movies a lot better in my opinion

  3. Most people are… But sadly decentralized networks are the future of the Internet. It's just unfortunate that money became involved so early on.

  4. So they're making a So they're making a Monero clone? OK? clone? OK?

  5. I always took that to mean “wild goose chase”. Like they had been sent to kill suspected aliens before and it had always turned out to be a nothingburger.

  6. The aliens book bug hunt describes what are the different aliens that the Marines must Hunt :-) It's. Wild

  7. Siiick! I got an older one I guess. Mine has his lightsaber on his hip and left hand doing the choke with the force hand

  8. I think what you're describing is the big fig I believe this is a 48 inch battle buddy

  9. It's the full monopoly game and it has a Retro Remnant Trooper inside.

  10. I know Kanye can come off as being in a galaxy far far away… Because he is :-)

  11. I just found my same figure last night still in packaging :-) I was actually thinking about opening it up…

  12. Get some black shoe polish and put on some wear and tear it'll look even better smiley face

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