1. You can see the bubble on my lip. I know, it wasn’t very much

  2. I don’t even know why it’s considered so horrible to die alone. Single people might want to get married, but married people wish they were single again 😂

  3. What I never understand is who keeps giving these obvious frauds work?

  4. Probably for the same reason people pay thousands to see Katy Perry or Beyonce, when they just lip sync at the shows. They just lip sync and put on a spectacular dance performance.

  5. Who hasn’t done this while drinking, I mean seriously

  6. Okay fun story. This is the Prada show from this year. She’s around 50 (Kristin something?) and has been modeling for longer than I’ve been alive. This is the third or fourth showing from Prada where they don’t give the models shoes that fit. Her shoes were too big, but they’ve given models shoes that are two sizes too small. It’s an attention to detail problem on Prada’s end, not hers.

  7. Now it makes sense why there’s so many compilations on YouTube of models falling. I was thinking they can’t walk because they’re anemic from not eating or on drugs or something

  8. Yeah, and in the wild a wolf pack is often lead by a male and female, and the rest of the pack is their offspring, so the alphas are actually your parents, kids.

  9. Damn, that's so true. My parents are totally the alphas in my relationship with them. I’m just the lowly beta… feels bad, man

  10. This is a beautiful moment between two shitfaced friends and I love it.

  11. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched this, and I bust up laughing every single time

  12. Gonna be tough in C172 with no autopilot.. but if there's 3 on board....

  13. That's what I meant by my comment. It's the first thing I want to do after cuming inside. Make sure you are more than satisfied and cleaned up 😋😛👅

  14. What grease? Nothing on his hands as far as I can tell and it's usually black..

  15. There’s black on his hands in this video here. You have to scroll down to see it.

  16. Are there any freeclimber videos where their dumb ass plummets to the bottom?

  17. Yeah, there’s videos where a Chinese free climber Wu Yongning falls to his death all over YouTube

  18. “Women are hardwired differently. Just not me. Something is wrong with my brain.”

  19. Well go ask most women. If a dude from tinder only has Snapchat and nothing else, that’s usually a red flag and suggests you’re just looking to send and receive nudes or you’re cheating

  20. Yeah, if somebody only has Snapchat, I usually think they’re a bot or a scammer. Same for WhatsApp. Scammers and bots always use Snapchat, WhatsApp, or Telegram

  21. Dang so what is the next step to not using the sucky tinder texting then? Exchanging facebooks?

  22. I don’t like Facebook because people have their real friends and names and workplaces listed there. I would probably go with Instagram or TikTok.


  24. I was coming in here to source Karen White too. I remember reading about her a couple years ago

  25. Prison is gonna be rough. What I don’t appreciate here is that they’re very obviously trying to use that as an excuse to get taken somewhere else. I have nothing against anyone who is transgender, but you also can’t cling to that and use it as an excuse—especially when you’ve been charged with rape.

  26. There was a trans rapist who raped women while in prison. I believe her name was Karen White. I see no reason why this person should be allowed to remain in the female prison population.

  27. Lol reminds me of those two brothers on Nathan 4 U that confessed to having MFM threesomes with random girls with each other. That episode was hilarious 😂

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