1. Can't even cancel without losing the booking fee. I'll waste some time writing a complaint to the corporate office but I know they won't even acknowledge it.

  2. Weird cause I cancelled just last week after something showed up and they refunded the whole thing, fee and all.

  3. I agree, I would also say it’s “gayer” to suck dick than taking dick anally. Prostate gland + pegging being a thing = anal stimulation isn’t really gay it’s just the most expected way for gay sex. To suck a dick you either need to (technically not needed but I don’t see why agreeing to it otherwise) be curious about your sexuality, love a dick, or want to please another man.

  4. There’s a bug in App Store that reverts the switch to disable these prompts on every reboot. Or maybe it’s a feature.

  5. Even still, the rating thing doesn’t work at all. I’d say it’s more a MacOS issue but could be Apollo. ¯_(ツ)_//¯

  6. Fair enough to charge something to cover the cost of the TVs, infrastructure, power, maintenance/replacement etc.

  7. TV’s can’t cost this much to run and should be included in the price of the hospital stay or taxes.

  8. Nothing shit me more than people ragging on the SES during the floods here last year. If it's so shit, go fucking join and do a better job.

  9. Especially after the 2019/2020 fires. Like how can you possibly hate them after that

  10. We should deregulate all drugs, and just tax them. If you want to shoot up it's no business of mine, particularly if you're contributing tax revenue in the process. If you want to do meth or fuck your head in sniffing petrol, go ahead as long as you don't commit acts of violence. It's all good by me.

  11. I’ve thought that but you have to draw the line somewhere. You shouldn’t be able to just but Rohyptnol or antidepressants imo. Maybe all drugs could be available as a prescription

  12. Unfortunately THC doesn’t work the same as alcohol does.

  13. Cops should get worse sentences by default. They have (or should have) a deeper understanding of the laws they're breaking. Not to mention you know.... Their whole job is based around the idea of preventing laws from being broken.

  14. In Australia if a cop commits a crime the legal punishment is double the fine/jail time

  15. I just found out in Australia that for any cop that commits a crime the punishment is always legally double what the law says to the average citizen.

  16. Micro. Other is for weird shaped boxes that are for example large but the contents inside are only a small due to it being a tech cache. Or the fake flat power plug caches with just a logbook in them

  17. This year I honestly feel like the scales are tipping and people are starting to acknowledge the complexity of the day.

  18. I feel that too. I’ve worked the last few Australia days at a cafe and it’s one of our busiest days of the year, but this year we closed early because of less people celebrating.

  19. It's probably not something that would ever be sanctioned due to safety concerns, but it'd be cool to see a jet do a pass under the Harbour Bridge, Red Bull Air Race style.

  20. It happened in 1942 but only because a US airforce pilot said “fuck it” and then got in trouble for it. Would’ve been cool if that was captured on video

  21. It was going to do more laps, but apparently the people living behind Luna Park complained about the noise.

  22. Do they also complain about the noise on Jan 31? They bought the house knowing these events would happen so it shouldn’t be accommodated to them

  23. Kinda like Karen’s Diner, it’s fun for a one off but not a sustainable business

  24. The largest penis measured by science was around 10 inches. There are some self reports for higher (e.g. Jonah Falcon) but those lack credibility.

  25. Yeah, gotta say I’m not a fan. It paints the woman in a paranoid, neurotic light for not wanting to be sexualized.

  26. This is based on a viral video atm where the lady is paranoid in it without a doubt.

  27. Stuff like this is such BS. Obviously things like better education, housing and support for low socio-economic groups is the better solution, and the one we all want and need.

  28. Why not do what Norway is doing and have rehab “prisons” where it’s essentially a hotel room you can’t leave from.

  29. Assuming you're referring to Belmont Queensland then no, that plate isn't real. An online rego check says the Qld plate "MINE" belongs to "2009 MAZDA MAZDA3 HATCHBACK".

  30. If it's a video of cockatoos at maccas its Thornleigh 😂

  31. A lot of people I know will turn the mic off on their dash cam, that way if it's your fault then any words that might given bad context wouldn't be recorded.

  32. If you know you’re at fault and want to hide it then just say you don’t have a dashcam

  33. Can't the United States just make a defense pact on their own with Sweden and then if something ever happens it would still technically have all of NATO retaliate

  34. That’s essentially what’s happened with Australia/New Zealand too. If Australia/NZ is invaded then the US will help out which will then almost certainly result in them being bombed and then NATO involved.

  35. So, what's exactly wrong with asking someone to come in? If it's every time you're short-staffed, I can see it being excessive.

  36. It happens all the time. Managers just need to make proper rosters so this doesn’t happen

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