1. Depends which day you see me…on Wednesdays I’m at zero, on Saturdays I leave at 4 to go back to zero 😂

  2. I still belive that you should be mostly covered before hand/neck but yeah they aren't true job stoppers anymore

  3. Everybody doesn’t want to be “mostly covered” before they tat their hands or neck. You all know tattoos are personal preference right?

  4. I'm not gonna scold anyone for only have hand/face/neck tattoos, I just personally think it looks odd. To each their own, I'm not saying shops should stop them, but at least give a disclaimer of "this may change certain people's view of you" and "this will not be easily hidden if you change your mind". A lot of people get tattoo regret and having it in an obvious place (especially face) can make that worse

  5. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck & quacks like a duck…….

  6. That’s like you presenting a aesthetic that you like men but expect us not to believe you like men, when it’s all you’ve been hinting at for years. According to you alls logic it’s just “riling up the masses” 😂😂😂

  7. Everyone is being kind to you, but the reality is that you paid for this. You should be outraged.

  8. Asked for it, looked at the stencil, okayed it, got it, then paid for it. Got what he asked for why be outraged

  9. No chance. Nobody would ok this. The stencil is supposed to be general. The magic happens after.

  10. not a punch and if i remember correctly a smaller building but still

  11. Why did spiderman bring down a building on scorpion? seems a little extreme for spidey.

  12. Is being a deadbeat father already not shameful enough ?? his accusations are whole different story too

  13. What makes him a dead beat? Because his baby momma said so? Lol. You don’t know that man kid…..

  14. You're defending him as if you know him personally or some shit lmao 🤣

  15. Where did I defend him? I asked what he did. And said you all don’t know him, neither do I. Kid..

  16. And then you got tapped out?? After using all that stamina

  17. Hoodie easily for me, I also like the hoodie version of that shirt lolol

  18. The fact you dweebs expect everyone to uphold you alls loser ass “have at least 13 tattoos before you tat you hand or neck” theory is weird as hell. Show me the rule book

  19. I still see people with them in, doubt the detectors are going off that often but im too scared to try. Seems like time goes by faster since I stopped using headphones anyways 😂

  20. They got a Cat 1 Termination; not eligible for Rehire

  21. Balenciaga Speed Runners. 100% They're very durable, comfy and versatile.

  22. This is the only accurate answer to me, unfortunately they aren’t the most stylish piece.

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