1. Jacob mentioned in an interview that the boys worst quality is scheduling. He also gave them credit that they manage a lot of things when it comes to the show but scheduling is not their strong suit. This was in reference to how Cory and Jacob were set to appear in like 7 or 8 episodes of the Jail season instead of the 3 and 4 episodes they ended up being in. I think the same must have happened with season 10. Though I give them the benefit of the doubt as it must not be easy get someone as busy as Snoop Dogg to film for longer than a couple of days.

  2. Yes I saw that interview too. But you read my above comment though, right. That at least they knew thet were going to be on since 2014. Even if not in writing. But maybe. Pretty cool they all hung out all those times though.

  3. Yeah I saw them on his show as well maybe they had this plan for a while and the only time they had to shoot were those 3 days. I get they didn't want to say no to Snoop as he is a big get for them but I would have rather them waiting until he had enough time to shoot more with him so they could weave him in more organically like they did in 11.

  4. They were on 3 times. The one on youtube is their last time just before Season 8 started. But yes as I said they agreed to him coming on his show in 2014 and Doug and Snoop hanging out with the boys since 2013 and Kimmel and Tom in 2012. And all four in 2014 at a party the night before Doug Benson's podcast and after Jimmy's.

  5. No. It's just funny. The Tom Selleck guy is George Canyon a pretty well known Canadian Country artist or at least was for a short time. And Amanda is a songwriter folk artist type of some sort.

  6. IKR! It's strange. Did Phil get cut at some point? I can't quite remember the last episode I saw him in.

  7. Well the actor died in April 2013 while filming Don't Legalize It. Shitty Bill 2 weeks before him. And Rita MacNeil died 1 day after Phil. But it was the last week of filming when Phil died and they got all Phil's scenes I think.

  8. I have to respectfully disagree. I truly believe Trevor may have just been a whiner who thought he was owed more than they could afford. So I take what he says with a grain of salt.

  9. Yeah and Trevor was making about 40, 000 or more for 2 months work and he was whining.

  10. Yeah there was only one place where people danced at King Of Donairs 😀 (it's not the one in the show).

  11. That's Nancy Regan (yup that's her name). She actually use to do that job for our local news. She was also an anchor for Live At Five just before the news too. She shows up a few times in the franchise.

  12. Julian and Bubbles might have some understanding or even fondness for Randy but I don’t believe Ricky does. Ricky steals his BBQ, pisses in his shoes, is constantly starting fights and throwing stuff at him. I think Ricky really does hate Randy and only tolerates him when he’s buying dope from him.

  13. I agree but since Lahey passed I see Julian being more aggressive toward Randy and Ricky almost warming up to him. And they had that super sad moment together crying on Ricky's couch about Laheys passing and he likes to cook with him now too. Once just the two of them cooking together with no one else at Ricky's for the whole episode.

  14. You can't tell, but I'm suckin my teef at you.

  15. Why? Taking it all into account or at least things like the 4 touring specials, the 4 spinoffs, and all things Sweranet I dont see how you cannot come to this conclusion.

  16. I feel like the main difference when Clattenburg writes TPB vs when the Boys write it is that Clattenburg always punches down on them and makes them seem greasier. All the movies are written/directed by Clattenburg so that might explain it. I feel like when the boys write the characters, Bubbles is always made out to be a guy who has his shit together but always gets screwed over by his love for rick/jules, Julian always has good intentions in the back of his mind and Ricky is just loud and stupid. When Clattenburg writes them Bubbles is sharp and witty but completely dysfunctional, Julian is a selfish asshole who thinks he's the star of some gangster movie and Ricky is just a complete wild card.

  17. So it's really the difference between the Boys writing with and without Clattenburg. As Ricky and Julian wrote on every single episode of the originals (except the finale) with Clattenburg (and Bubbles helped them on 4,5,6).

  18. Looks like it could be season 8 era

  19. I'm thinking just slightly after the originals. They look younger and fatter and they are on the street of the old Bubbles' mansion bar near the Metro Center (now called Scotia Bank Center). He had that between 2006 -2010.

  20. A young George Costanza and Wayne Gretzky

  21. Yeah he even said he thinks he looks like Wane Gretzky in that picture on Instagram as well. And said on some show once that people thought he was Greyzky while on a trip to Hawaii back then. Though I don't really see it.

  22. Hahaha, a lot of us who grew up in Ontario did a similar thing, we'd go to Quebec when we turned 18

  23. Teenagers from here still go to PEI to party I think but it's not because of the 18 thing anymore as it is now 19 but just becuse it is traditon. I think. Or maybe there are music festivals there now.

  24. no, Ricky filled Randy's Dinkys (Hot Wheels, Matchbox size cast cars) with peanut butter and cheese.

  25. Well in the Christmas special they say he covered him and peanut butter and cheese whiz and let him bake in the sun. They say the same story a couple times in the podcast too.

  26. No, they don't. Randy says Dinkys, every time.

  27. Oh I thought they were playing dinkeys and he slathered Randy up. Oh okay yeah that's what Bubbles said in the specia then. Oh okay. But I could've sworn on one of the multiple times it came up on the livefeeds and the podcast they said he put it on his skin and let him bake in it. I guess not. My bad.

  28. Finish the movie. If you like it, watch the SwearNet Studios season on SwearNet. The season is better than the movie.

  29. I didnt love Jail (though more than happy it's on) as it doubled down on crassness and over the topness that is more their thing lately than not. But for some reason in Swearnet Studios those same sensibilities worked for me. It really was refreshing. I am surprised how much I enjoyed it.

  30. Yawn. Fuck you for being boring as fuck. And stupid to boot. Hey Everybody block this guy. All his comments are like this.

  31. No matter how many times I've seen TPB that doesn't make me have seen taxi driver

  32. yeah, i just havent bothered to see it

  33. The worst Sarah part is when Julian is going to act like he’s Ricky and she’s like “that works for me”. No one asked you Sarah!

  34. I think her saying this is one of the once a season or two nod to the heavily implied Season 1 implication that some people (Lucy, Julian, Trinity, Bubbles and maybe Sarah) suspect Julian might be Trinity's father. That no one knows for sure but no one talks about it either.

  35. I noticed alot of Lahey's and Randy's scenes in his trailer are done with the camera outside looking through the window. Which makes sense I guess.

  36. thats interesting! didn't know that. clattenburg must've been the glue tho, considering the deterioration of the shows quality after he left

  37. After some research clattenburg is the writer for seasons 1 to 7 . Your comment is confusing .

  38. These boys shit on clartenburg’s creation every day

  39. Well technically Clattenburg and Ricky and Julian created it. And Ray came up with the idea for the show (Clattenburg and Volpe and Ray owned the originals of course)..

  40. The show went straight to shit immediately after Clattenburg. Hate to say it but it's 100% true

  41. I am not completely disagreeing. But I'm a fan of the Boys work ethic and their year round productions now though. That's what keeps me rooting for them and interested as a fan. Will always root for my hometown boys. 😀

  42. Up until about 2018 he kept consistently busy in the NS Film industry mostly in the Camera Electrical Departments as he did in pulling double duty in TPB. He also played in bands I believe here in Halifax. Not sure what he's been up to for the last 5 years.

  43. Lahey. He was his own biggest fan. He fancied himself to be this great cop but as we saw time and time again as a supervisor he didn't even have a firm grasp on evidence and due process. Almost as if he was never a cop a day in his life.

  44. Haha that would have been hilarious but the main thing I really remember is them saying “zed” instead of “zee” when they would do the alphabet lol

  45. Yeah I had no idea until a few years ago that "zed" was only a Canadian thing. I was spelling something over the phone phonetically for one of our international clients and said "zed" and then he said he knew I was from Canada because of that. I had no idea. We say 'Z' sometimes too though. Interchangeable.

  46. It sounds like it’s either a contract dispute or it has been sold to someplace and can’t be distributed to their website.

  47. More than likely they have a deal with some streaming company or maybe even Netflix again (though Netflix turned it down once already and ended the park series years ago). Let's hope so.

  48. Is this actually any good? Only checked out the 1st ep back when it aired.

  49. I think most people love it. The boys sold it as getting back to their roots because of the simple setting and lower budget (though they probably blew most of their budget building the set).

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