1. Yea as long as you can get back to the stock ECU file you should be fine to pass. Question is though can you run the stock tune and not get a check engine light. Because remember you have to get all your monitors "ready" to pass as well.

  2. Not getting a check engine light should be relatively easy. And getting the ready check for smog is driving for 3 mins at 55mph so i don’t see that part being the issue. Just the fact that I have a chipped ecu* im not sure if the reader will test for that or if i am running on stock tune that it will pass

  3. What year is your car? Did not know chips were even an option on OBDII cars??

  4. Sorry I may be a bit uneducated about the term. I have an 05 rsx type s and by chipped** I mean it’s tuned on Ktuner. There is a cord extending out from my ecu and I physically went to get my car tuned. Is that the same?

  5. I have a 3in kteller vibrant ultra quiet res setup and I love it. A little loud on startup and some drone but not too bad when cruising 75 at 3.5k rpms. Just turn my music up all the way and windows down typa guy

  6. Check out my post I paid 860 total for my headlights retrofit with h1 LEDs and led strip

  7. Just look at my profile, I’m not sure if you’re trying to run a setup that low. Looks like you’re going for track fitment.

  8. Man looks excellent. Love the fitment. Whats that rear diffuser with the 3rd brake light? Never seen that before. Where can I get one?

  9. I got the hybrid racing kit. Uses OEM parts I believe. Do not use ktuned. It will blow, you can look up reviews of the kit on clubrsx

  10. Mint! Thanks a ton, I think imma go for the DTR and see how I like it🙏🏻

  11. I made 216 whp 160 tq on stock k20z1 woth injen cai, dtr header, 3in kteller piping to vibrant resonator/muffler

  12. That’s dope! I appreciate the input. Just ordered mine today, hopefully picking up a T1R catback tomorrow to pair it with🙏🏻

  13. Im making 216 whp 160 tq on k20z1 with Injen cai, dtr header, 3in kteller exhaust to vibrant muffler and resonator

  14. I just got some bc racing br’s regular and tney feel really good, i first installed them on whatever dampening they had and they were a bit soft so I tuned the dampening to 10 from full soft on front and 10 from full stiff on rear and they feel really good. Not too stiff not to soft. I also have the swift spring upgrade and they are super comfy. My left front strut makes some noises when going over bumps but idk if thats normal or it they are just a little louder. Overall solid.

  15. You remember if clockwise or counter clock wise to lossen nut?

  16. Middle nut (camber adjustment) or to take the bolt off from the camber arm and knuckle

  17. Not the middle nut but small nut closest to brake that needs to be loosened to adjust camber.

  18. Yeah put a ratchet on the right side of the nut and start from the bottom and ratchet it up. Thats the way to loosen. Hold a wrench on the other side as well or i just let it rest on the frame since it was too hard for me to hold onto both while ratcheting

  19. Im running 3in kteler piping with vibrant ultra quiet resonator and muffler (not the cannon looking one). Sounds really good to me and definitely not raspy.

  20. You still have fender liners all around? Thats what i’m looking for as well perfect drop

  21. I sanded it and wrapped it with carbon vinyl, it looks great. That piece is an eye sore.

  22. I have the exedy stage 1 and an ACT 11lb flywheel. After break in period it feels just like stock and the revs are a lot happier feeing, super smooth. I’d say look into the 11lb flywheel 9 might be too light for dd but the 11lb is just right

  23. That's actually what I really wanted is an 11 lb flywheel but the price on an 11lb one is significantly more then the 10lb FX 4140 chromoly I was thinking of getting.

  24. I’m not a car expert but have never heard of said brand, I’ve read thru a bunch of rsx forums and decided on an ACT flywheel 11.4 lbs got it for 290 at the time about 1 year ago on kseries parts

  25. Do you think those headlights are a good buy? I’m looking to buy some soon and had trouble finding ones I like, and these caught my eye but they were a bit expensive

  26. What'd your for 860, I'm just curious. I used to do builds and my pricing may be behind on the times.

  27. Dang, I’ll be on the lookout. Thanks for the heads up! I’ve been running their CMC, SMC for about 4 months. Shifter bushings, Shift Linkage, Serp belt, auto tensioner, rear camber arms, Lower control arms, and adjustable tie rods for about 4 years now, no faults so far.

  28. Sri is cool, super nice sound and throaty. A lot better throttle response but no big difference only really in colder weather or non stop/go traffic. I have a sri for the rainy times and recently got a CAI, i’m worried to hydrolock it but CAI def has some big gains

  29. Redline mtf-90 oil. It fixed and solved my 2nd gear popout issue completely!! Super nice shifts

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