1. I am gp patient as well do you use it.for the stomach pain? Under tounge is better ?

  2. Yes, helps with stomach pain and under the tongue helps its absorb quicker since our digestion is slow

  3. Thanks! So far that is #1 on my list, but have you had to have any repairs?

  4. The last picture has all the ingredients listed it's a picture of the label on the bag this comes in

  5. It lasts about 2-3months and I apply some daily after the shower. It doesn't take a lot but also doesn't give that "medicated" feeling nor is it instant pain relief. Over the day the pain is less with the topical oil and my mood seems better with less pain.

  6. Already have it and it's the terp creme so it is very nice! Chef's kiss haha

  7. Hell yeah I have just had fire jar after fire jar from them and the price is right

  8. Hell yea I got these concentrates for $35 and they're 0.8g

  9. I've heard good things! Loving this strain

  10. Ohio Cannabis Connection. Easy and affordable 😊

  11. Agreed it's $100 through Ohio Cannabis Connection and really quick too

  12. Thanks never thought of calling but it was quick and easy!

  13. As is, you are OK to purchase until 6-30. You can renew your registration anytime within the month your registration expires, so after 6-1.

  14. Right idk why these concentrates are so low lately in terms of terps and taste

  15. I think the strawberry cooler is better for both flavor and effects

  16. Moving into the state soon, but not soon enough to enjoy this I’m afraid. I’m sure this will be gone by July.

  17. Yea but it's a signature strain for them so you will see it again... may be awhile before it's 30% THC but it's typically a higher one

  18. Unfortunately tastes like mildew. Luckily they started putting the split vanilla out in the 2.53 jars also now

  19. Haha it does have a funky taste but great effects!

  20. I wanna try it but idk if I can go back to non live resin pods

  21. I have a Klutch live resin pod in rotation also. Once it's about halfway gone it tastes like the CO2 oil pods IMO

  22. I’d check out some BHO live resins. You’ll get much better terps. This barely has 2%, which is common in flower. Quality carts should have more than this IMO

  23. I have some! These luster pods are nice for travel.

  24. I've had the Orange 43 and Pineapple PZ live resin in the 1.6g containers and they were both amazing. Chunky diamonds 💎 in a thick terp sauce ✨️ is what I would describe it as

  25. man after trying this and their lemon slushee rosin, ima have to put Klutch at Number 1 in concentrates in the program above Firelands and Ancient Roots. I smoke a ton of firelands rosin but my tolerance has been crazy lately and i took a lil dab of this at 475 degrees and shit had me sweating and blasted immediately

  26. Agreed I picked this one up a few weeks ago and it really packs a punch plus the flavor is amazing 👏

  27. Wow that's a ridiculous price difference.

  28. Dissolve powder from Butterfly Effect 🦋

  29. I use RSO and/or infusion powder to help my pain throughout the day. The flower helps to bring instant relief and these help with longer term relief

  30. Yes, looks like cannabis derived terpenes

  31. Ha! DABtendo. I dig the tray, Nice Nice.

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