1. That’s true but OP is also dismissing literally every tool to help combat the after effects of a bad trip:

  2. My only experience with psychedelics was shrooms, I ate them once and now I have hppd. It depends on the person

  3. Thank you for the advice really helps ❤️ I’m not fighting it just letting it happen and trying to pinpoint what the shroomz are trying to tell me or show me

  4. I had some bad trips on ayahuasca. 7 years later, I still have severe PTSD from them.

  5. I have been destroyed by psychedelics. Have been living in agony for 7 or 8 years since some bad ayahuasca trips.

  6. Really sorry to hear. If you feel you could take part follow the link above to the survey as it's from experiences like yours we need to learn more from

  7. A year. It took six months for me to be able to have erections again but I still can't feel happy. But im also taking Lithium now. Idk

  8. I'd like to in a way. But also taking them long term harms your memory. And plus my shrink is a county doctor and they have an explicit policy of not prescribing benzos so it doesn't matter anyways. Not sure how to proceed because in a way the lithium is helping a lot. Im not afraid to share how I feel anymore, but at the same time all my emotions are muted which sucks. My current idea is to get back on adderall.

  9. Yes. I had some bad ayahuasca, San Pedro and MDMA trips and now I suffer from severe cognitive decline.

  10. What have you tried to help deal with your PTSD?

  11. Thank you for creating this sub. I am not comfortable using

  12. What you have written resonates a lot with me. I also had some horrible ayahuasca trips 7 or 8 years ago that rendered me dysfunctional. Before that I was in the intellectual elite of my country. I worked for the UN Office and the World Bank. Now I am crippled, unemployed and in a homeless shelter in a fucking ghetto. I also can hardly get out of bed and want to commit suicide every single day but cannot do this while my mother is still alive.

  13. So do you think it was triggered by the coronavirus? And please describe your psychotic episode.

  14. Enormous pain, fatigue, cramps, I thought I was dying of heavy metal poisoning.

  15. Well, at least you were able to move in with your parents. That's a positive. I had to go to a homeless shelter.

  16. I have tried it. It was okay for a day or two but then it sucked, so I quit it.

  17. Nothing else. Was always so good at sleeping anywhere anytime. And then this happened right after.

  18. They don't really spread around easier because all the ayahuasca fanatics usually gaslight and victimblame such people. I know it first-hand.

  19. I agree. Prior to taking ayahuasca, I did my research and came across only stories of muraculous healing. Then I had horrible trips and became dysfunctional and traumatized. I still am 8 years later. My life is in ruins because of it. I just wish I had come across some stories like mine prior to drinking that fucking shit.

  20. In my case, they have made it much worse and turned my life into living hell. Be very careful please.

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