U.S. FDA says abortion pills can be sold at retail pharmacies

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One Piece: Chapter 1071

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FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Arrested, Bahamas Says

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  1. I used to wonder who listens to these weird ass ASMR videos until I saw my gf watching one of these super weird random ASMR videos to go to sleep. its literally background noise. that or it's made as a joke

  2. I don't know about asmr but there's a genre of videos of

  3. I think the truth is that there's this idea among certain guys that girls tend to like rough play/being dominated and such. There is a good portion that do but they miss the part where they like these things when they're consensual. So they think the first part but never get the actual communication part down and just go for it. Like putting a finger in the butthole kinda thing.

  4. Yeah that’s pretty much what I wrote yes. So that’s going to happen to more and more Jobs and passions no? I feel like people are already struggling to find meaning and fulfillment and I feel like a version of the world where we would care a little more about that shit would be a good world to live in.

  5. I think you're combining the jobs and passions part when you shouldn't because yes, jobs will be automated but the passions will never be outlawed, save for things like driving in every location.

  6. The tattoo says "property of tate''. Even with 50million dollars, quite difficult to convince someone to get that.

  7. How am i supposed to enjoy it if i cant see shit and zoro is using lightsabers

  8. You probably also don't like big spoons or mixing food.

  9. Only when it's said in places that aren't part of the cult.

  10. Ignoring and scrolling through (or better, blocking) the ads and "relevant links" is a pretty critical part of the Googling skill. Once I do that, a NY Times article about this is the top result, and this Reuters article (whose reputation for neutrality and thoroughness dwarfs the NYT's, in my humble opinion) is the second, for the search term "abortion pills pharmacies".

  11. Bruh iunno, googling fda abortion pills brings Reuters up as a top story along with CNN. Not much scrolling needed.

  12. Maybe yes, maybe no, but there are millions of Russians who support the war. Are they out of their minds also? Or are they on drugs?

  13. Are you trying to argue for the tyrant you know vs the tyrant that could be? That we should accept what is currently there? What do you propose as a solution? We weekends at Bernie putin?

  14. They can't be luffy's mom because we've already been introduced to crocodile.

  15. Any context to this? Been eating grass past month.

  16. Shaelin (mrgirl's girlfriend) made a drawing (painting?) Of Destiny as some sort of slave(dogs?) Owner where the dogs were the orbiters with muzzles and money and 4thot was a wolf and I think the subreddit were represented as wolves feeding (killing?) on the corpse of lav and mrgirl. It was pretty metal but like unhinged metal. So now it's a meme.

  17. Show runners realizing almost 90% of their audience is not gonna stay after Cavills departure, this seems like a Hail Mary attempt

  18. This screams "just got hit by a harshly-worded cease and desist from a top-level law firm."

  19. Very much so. Must've gotten so much push back that they went private. Didn't post any evidence, nobody is corroborating. Literally fanfic and some people are running with it but it looks good that most people don't seem to believe it.

  20. Standard right-wing “everything is corrupt” and “great replacement” points

  21. Sure, but I’m talking about how it’s being reported by others not her. I think that minimizes the act and associates it with things that are not as serious.

  22. When you say "we," do you mean in this subreddit because the top comments seem to all agree that what she's describing is full on rape. The title of the post might us "sexual assualt" but that more so comes from the twitlonger than anything else.

  23. I know that. It's still slang right now, and I'll keep pushing back on it.

  24. It already is for hot and cold. They're both indications of heat and also indications of temperament, of attraction, of personality. No one is confused when you call someone hot. That's because we're already many many years ahead of when we started making those words colloquial and now you accept the additional meaning just because of timing. Except for this because you exist in the same time as when we made the colloquial shift for "literally."

  25. But words like "nasty" and "dirty" are used when speaking about music to talk about something really good. Words don't exist in a vacuum. They exist in a context, even when talking just about the word itself. "Literally" is one of them that in different contexts mean different things and in the future, they might be used in even more contexts. And definitions are descriptive.

  26. trying to play a singleplayer game blind as a streamer must be suffering.

  27. Isn't that the dream though? That's a lot of user engagement and user engagement means a chat room that seems lively and holds on a community.

  28. if you want your whole life to revolve around maximizing the amount of money you make then sure

  29. You say whole life like this isn't in the context of a streamer's job. Like it isn't traditional and that's why they don't usually get traditional paychecks so what they do get paid either comes from sponsors (companies looking for an audience to reach, keyword audience) or from donations/subs, which come from the users that feel like there is something/someone worth giving their money to.

  30. His father is from El Salvador. Do Americans see that as white?

  31. I don't think when people say someone is white, that they're going through their ancestral history to determine where they originated from. I think they're just looking at what immediately jumps out to them which is that their skin color looks kinda white.

  32. Last I heard, Caroline was his girlfriend. Do we really think she would betray him?

  33. I mean, we were promised that they had already noticed the melee concerns and had adjusted the mechanic to make melee viable for the mechanic.

  34. I think until actually shown otherwise, it's safe to assume that melee is going to be fucked even if they say they took it into account.

  35. I league start flicker usually. I had such a rough go last league I did cold convert skellies. I usually hate minions and totems.

  36. Yea, I really wanted to go flicker this league but bam, jump around a guard and there goes your resolve.

  37. Video as a medium is inherently more chaotic and convoluted than the written word.

  38. Yea but if it was a video, you could have this song play on the outro:

  39. How is it good that America traded an irrelevant basketball player for an arms dealer? I really don't get it.

  40. ex arms dealer. He's been out of the game for over a decade. The people he knew before probably been cycled through and the arms he had before aren't there now. He was going to be out in like 7 years anyway.

  41. People are vastly underestimating how valuable of an asset he could be to the Kremlin and to the terrorist organizations he was tied to. People have been watching too much Breaking Bad.

  42. Valuable how? You think he's got some secret password that they've been waiting for to get access to what? He's got some garage hidden somewhere with super secret weapons no one knows about? He's gonna call up his buddies in which terrorist organization that still has the same leadership they did 12 years ago and be like "Hey buddy remember me" as if he Abdul's like "oh you got me, you pulled me back in to terrorism and I wasn't going to work with russia before but now that you're out 6 years early, now I'm back in the terrorist game"? When you say valuable, what do you even mean.

  43. Get email updates so you can keep shitting on randos on reddit 😎

  44. it was an inactive account for 2 years until it gained sentience for this cause

  45. Why would the age of the account give it more credibility in this post? They've made points that can be either agreed with or disagreed with. They could've made the account yesterday and the points would still have to stand on their own.

  46. Is it really that hard for english speakers to say a soft german "ch"? I've never heard someone get it completely correct.

  47. I don't know that it's a struggle to say the phonetics of it but "ch" in English but I think if you've never heard or said dachau before, you'd relate the "ch" to something like "ch"at or "ch"eat rather than like a k sound in "ch"rist

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